We know the companies who visit your website but don’t contact you.

Identify new leads for your sales team today.

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Turn anonymous visits into leads

Sales teams want leads not web analytics. They want companies, names and contact information, not IP addresses, your website’s bounce rate or the number of page views.

That’s what makes Clickback WEB so different. Each day our software gives your sales team a fresh new list of companies who came to your website but didn’t convert.


Also, for many of the companies identified, you get access to the contact details of decision-makers at those companies including their name, job title, phone number, and email address.

Identify early-stage leads

Accelerate your lead growth by using Clickback WEB to identify and connect with decision makers who are early in the buying process. Get to them before your competitors do.


Identify companies

Discover which companies are visiting your website today.

See what they look at

Knowing the pages leads visit will help your sales team close more deals.

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Get email notifications

Receive daily alerts or assign companies to your sales team via email.

Connect with decision makers

Export multiple contacts from WEB into your CRM with zero effort.

By the numbers


Number of leads identified for users

Let us start identifying yours today. Just add a few lines of code to your website and watch the leads roll in.


Number of deals needed to see an ROI

For most, if just one lead identified becomes a customer, Clickback WEB pays for itself.

Get Instant Access to Accelerated Lead Growth

Learn how to fill your pipeline with leads using your website for outbound marketing (not just inbound!).

Is website visitor identification software for you?


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