The Basics of Good Website Visit Scoring Online Behaviour

The Basics of Good Website Visit Scoring Online Behaviour

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Your website can be a treasure trove of B2B lead generation. But it’s important to remember that not every lead arrives sales-ready. Instead of streamlining unqualified leads to sales, start visit scoring online behaviour. It’s the best way to determine who’s hot and who’s not—at least not yet.


How do you implement visit scoring online behaviour?

Think of all the data you gather from your website visitors. Every time someone fills out a form, you’re getting basic information that can be used to “score” their interest in your products and services. Even those who don’t fill out a form still leave behind a data footprint that can give you insight into their current position in the buying cycle. All of this data can be used for visit scoring online behaviour.

Determine the criteria on which your leads will be assigned “points.” For example, you may assign 0-10 points to certain visitor demographics and behaviors. The more aligned these visitors are with your target customer, the higher they should score overall. Of course, the system will be weighted based on which demographics and actions you consider to be most important in terms of determining sales-readiness.


What should you look for when visit scoring online behaviour?

The best way to gain insight into a visitors position in the buying cycle is by visit scoring online behaviour on your website. Is the company visiting your website often? How many—and which—pages are they viewing with each visit? How long are they staying on these pages? To keep score, assign points to these activities.

Now consider how they’re engaging with your website. Which blogs are they reading? Which links are they clicking? Are they downloading content? Have they filled out any forms? For content and actions that indicate a higher level of sales-readiness, you can assign a higher score. This will help you determine who’s hot and who needs further nurturing.


What if the visitors aren’t filling out forms?

Unfortunately, the great majority (as much as 98 percent) of your web visitors won’t bother to inquire. You’ll still have the analytics for research purposes, but you won’t be able to put that information to use in terms of visit scoring online behaviour and nurturing and converting potential leads. Unless, of course, you’re using Website Visitor Tracking software.

Website Visitor Tracking software, like Clickback WEB, helps you recapture lost leads who fail to fill out a form. Not only does it capture basic information such as company name, size, industry and revenue, but it also gives you insight into actions that can be used for visit scoring online behaviour.

Best of all, it allows you to identify key decision-makers so you can reach out to someone with the authority to make a buying decision. And, as you know, making such connections is often half the battle.


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