Track Visitors on Website To Accelerate Your Lead Growth

Track Visitors on Website To Accelerate Your Lead Growth

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Lead growth isn’t easy, even when you’re doing everything right. Take your website for example…

Attracting visitors isn’t a problem. You’ve put together a solid inbound marketing strategy over the years and the numbers show how that it is clearly working. Unfortunately, that success hasn’t really translated to lead growth, has it?

Where’s the disconnect?

Here’s the secret. It doesn’t really matter how strong your web traffic appears to be. If you don’t track visitors on website, you have no way of knowing who they are.

Sure, a few of them may fill out a form, sign up for your newsletter or even request a product demo. But you’d be surprised at just how few bother. In fact, 94 percent of your web traffic comes and goes without contact or conversion. They don’t even bother to fill out a form!

Let that sink in. For every 100 visitors your inbound strategy serves up on a silver platter, only six will reach out to you.

Are you really comfortable betting on those odds?

Well, we’re not. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution that lets you track visitors on websites to accelerate lead growth. We call it Clickback WEB.


Why track visitors on website?

Think of Clickback WEB as your Internet Caller ID. It allows you to identify the companies that are visiting your website, researching your products and services, and ultimately looking to make a transaction.

Not only that, but it also allows you to pinpoint key decision-makers within those companies so you can make meaningful contact with leads that may already be sales-ready.

In other words, when you track visitors on website, you’re creating lead growth opportunities.

Now you can supplement your inbound marketing strategy with outbound campaigns that quickly accelerate lead growth and maximize the potential ROI of your website.

Plus, it’s easy! Track visitors on website and have pertinent information delivered directly to your inbox. See who your visitors are, identify key decision-makers, and pinpoint their current position in the buying cycle based on actual web behavior. You can even set automated filters to ensure you only see the hottest, most relevant leads!

See a lead you want? Purchase it without leaving the software and send it directly to sales or marketing.

Track visitors on website and make data-driven decisions that accelerate lead growth, increase conversions and maximize your website ROI. That’s the beauty of Clickback WEB.
Accelerated Lead Growth  

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