How to Avoid Blacklists by Using Software to Verify Email Addresses and Deliver Your Message

How to Avoid Blacklists by Using Software to Verify Email Addresses and Deliver Your Message

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We don’t have to tell you how competitive B2B sales and marketing can be. To stay in the game, you have to find ways to accelerate lead growth.

Unfortunately, passive inbound marketing isn’t enough. If you want to thrive, rather than merely survive, you have to think outside the box. Innovative disruptions are a must in today’s market — you have to be proactive. And there’s no better way to take charge of the situation than outbound marketing.


Forget What You Know About Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing isn’t “spammy,” and it doesn’t have to land you on a blacklist. In fact, there’s no faster way to accelerate lead growth, provided you have the right software in place to implement the strategy. Not to mention, you’ll also spend less time chasing prospects and more time closing sales.

So why does outbound marketing have such a bad reputation? Simply put, marketers have been doing it all wrong.


There’s a Method to the Madness

It’s true – you can’t use a traditional ESP or marketing automation software to send to cold and purchased contacts. Try it, and you may find yourself in hot water. Most ESPs will outright ban your account, and your IP could very well end up blacklisted.

But that’s not because outbound marketing is inherently bad. The problem is your ESP and marketing automation platforms are not equipped to handle cold and purchased data. They are just not the right software to verify email addresses. You may as well shove a Blu-ray disc into a VHS player!


The Right Software to Verify Email Addresses

With Clickback MAIL, you can send to cold and purchased contacts and create campaigns that are 100 percent CAN-SPAM compliant. That means you expand your reach and accelerate lead growth while easily avoiding the dreaded blacklist. How?

Here’s the secret. Our software does something your ESP and marketing automation cannot – it cleans your data. That’s right! The moment you import your cold or purchased contacts, our software begins the scrubbing process.

Health and anti-spam risk checks ensure that inaccuracies, redundancies and spam traps are all removed before you send the first email.  Since email addresses are verified prior to sending, you can expect maximum deliverability on outbound campaigns. Your message will reach your audience, and you’ll soon see a steady flow of new leads into your funnel.


Try Clickback MAIL

There’s no reason to let your sales funnel stagnate. With the right software, you can tap into an unlimited supply of prospects and accelerate lead growth, virtually overnight.

Start reaching out to cold and purchased contacts today. Sign up for your free demo!

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