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Why Using a Mass Email Sender Plugin (for WordPress, etc) is a Bad Idea

People love it when things are easy. There’s a strong attraction towards an easy solution to an issue – even when it might not be the best choice.   Mass email is like that. Many marketers who are looking to launch mass campaigns will ask “is there a way I can make it work with… Continue Reading

4 Questions to Ask About Your ISP and Email Platform Before Sending Cold Email

If you’re considering sending cold email campaigns, congratulations – you’ve happened upon one of the most effective and least-used modern marketing techniques. Don’t go jumping in with both feet yet, though.   You might be thinking that you can just load up your contact list into your Outlook, Gmail or whichever platform you use and… Continue Reading

How to Build a B2B Brand that Customers Love

When I say “brand”, what’s the first one that pops into your head? Chances are it was McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, or Facebook. All B2C brands.   Branding is often thought of as a B2C thing, and of reduced importance in the B2B world. But that’s wrong – branding is just as important for B2B companies.  … Continue Reading

9 B2B Blog Ideas to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

If you contribute to a B2B blog, you’re probably aware that coming up with new B2B blog ideas isn’t always an easy task. You found your way to this blog post seeking some assistance, after all.   Mild ribbing aside, coming up with new blog ideas is no simple task – sure, as a content… Continue Reading

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