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Persuasive Email Marketing Techniques to Get Those Conversions

This article was originally posted in July 2020 and has been updated to reflect new insights and data.   As a marketer, persuasion is our profession. Our whole job boils down to “get people interested in our product or aware of our brand” and that extends to email marketing as well, of course.   It… Continue Reading

Images in Email: Best Practices and Actionable Tips

Everyone wants their emails to look spiffy, and what better way to do that than to use some awesome images?   If you use images the wrong way, however, you might be risking your deliverability. Especially with cold email campaigns.   Let’s look at best practices for images in email and how to use them… Continue Reading

B2B Email Marketing: Average Open Rates (Cold and Opt-In)

If you’ve begun to dig into email marketing, chances are you’ve noticed it’s a much deeper topic than you might expect. B2B marketers have it rough – getting people to open emails can be hard.   The first step to mastering email marketing is understanding your metrics. The second step is knowing how to act… Continue Reading

How to Successfully Use a Purchased List with HubSpot

Purchased lists – at least ones from reputable data providers – are an awesome, powerful marketing tool. HubSpot is also an awesome, powerful marketing tool.   The problem is that they don’t go together. Uploading a purchased list is against HubSpot’s terms. So how can we make use of that list without breaking those terms?… Continue Reading

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