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B2B Marketing on Instagram? Here’s What You Need to Know

Instagram is a B2C marketer’s dream, but did you know it’s a potential goldmine for B2B as well?   It’s true – Instagram can be an extremely effective channel for B2B marketers to generate leads and brand awareness.   I’m going to show you how to do it.   B2B Marketing on Instagram? Here’s What… Continue Reading

Integrated Marketing Strategies to Build Amazing Cross-Channel Campaigns

You see integrated marketing all the time, and probably take it very much for granted. That’s because when you it’s done well, you don’t necessarily notice it.   It creates a seamless brand experience across channels and platforms. That’s the idea behind integrated marketing.   If you’re looking to create a cohesive experience and keep… Continue Reading

B2B Content Writing: Voice Tips for Modern Marketers

B2B content writing is often written in a very particular voice. Whether it’s blogs, social media posts, or anything else – a lot of B2B writers use a very similar tone.   You probably know the one I mean – that stuffy, stilted, need-to-sound-professional-because-we’re-targeting-professionals tone.   These days, many of those professionals you’re targeting are… Continue Reading

Marketing Trends for 2020: Staying One Step Ahead

With the rapid pace of technological evolution, marketing trends are constantly changing too.   One of the most important things we need to do as marketers, is to keep up with them. Unfortunately, that can be difficult, especially as many digital marketing channels are rolling out new algorithms and systems.   As 2019 slowly comes… Continue Reading

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