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B2B Marketing USA: Hack Your Marketing Reach

Marketing is a broad, deep topic, with an near-endless toolbox. But if you’re looking at B2B marketing in the USA specifically, you’ve got a potential edge you might not even know about: outbound B2B email marketing. Cold B2B campaigns are powerful, but often get passed by because they’ve very specific to the USA. However, if that’s… Continue Reading

Creating Cold Emails That Convert: The Complete Guide

When it comes to B2B email marketing, it’s all about the quality of the content you deliver to your audience. This is easier said than done, as the perceived value of your content will differ between prospects. Even an ultra-targeted email list… Continue Reading

How to Build a B2B Brand that Customers Love

When I say “brand”, what’s the first one that pops into your head? Chances are it was McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, or Facebook. All B2C brands.   Branding is often thought of as a B2C thing, and of reduced importance in the B2B world. But that’s wrong – branding is just as important for B2B companies.  … Continue Reading

Mass Email Marketing: Dead Channel or Secret Weapon?

When you Google “mass email marketing”, you’ll find some pretty contradictory information. Two of the headlines at the top of my page: Mass Email Is Dead. Try This Better Marketing Strategy Instead, and Mass Email Marketing Is Not Dead: Tips for Winning. The former is a 2019 HubSpot article – makes sense that an inbound-marketing platform would… Continue Reading

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