Yes, You Can (Still) Make Money with Email…Here’s How

Yes, You Can (Still) Make Money with Email…Here’s How

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Marketing gurus have been trying to slam the casket shut on email for years now. But there’s one big problem – email marketing simply isn’t dead! You can still make money with email. All you need is a well-rounded marketing strategy.


Why Email Still Works

We may be living in the age of social media, but there’s a reason you can still make money with email. Email gives you a direct line of communication with your audience. Social media, for all its benefits, does not.

Take Facebook, for example… Even if you have hundreds of followers, there’s no guarantee they will all see your message. Facebook’s algorithm determines who sees what and when. That’s why pay-to-play options have become necessary once again on social media.

But let’s pretend every one of your Facebook followers has an equal chance of seeing your message. Your message is still likely to get lost in the fast-paced shuffle of the news feed. After all, you’re not only up against direct competitors, but also the latest viral memes and videos, not to mention all of those cute photos of babies and kittens.

When you deliver an email, however, it lands directly in the recipient’s inbox. Now, the prospect can read your message at his or her own convenience. Plus, you can personalize emails to meet the specific needs of the recipient, which allows you to provide a more valuable interaction.


How to Make Money With Email

To make money with email, you need to consistently grow and maintain your database. Growth ensures an expansion of reach. Maintenance ensures deliverable email campaigns.

One way to grow your database is via inbound marketing. You drive traffic to your website, or wait on prospects to find you, and hope they sign up for your email list. Once they opt in, you can nurture them with the appropriate email content. But this takes time.

If you really want to make money with email, you also need an outbound strategy. You can take a more proactive approach by reaching out to cold and purchased contacts. This allows you to expand your audience much faster, and it makes it much easier to boost lead generation when inbound efforts are stagnant.

But you have to do it right.


Using the Right Software to Make Money With Email

Unfortunately, you can’t reach out to cold and purchased contacts using traditional ESP and marketing automation. You need a software that can clean your data and ensure that your campaigns will be risk-free and CAN-SPAM compliant.

Clickback MAIL is designed specifically for this purpose. It cleans purchased data upon import, removing bad data, duplicate accounts and spam threats. This allows you to send deliverable email campaigns that will turn cold contacts into warm, permission based leads. In other words, it gives you more opportunities to make money with email.


Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

If you want to make money with email, try Clickback Mail. Sign up for a demo today.
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