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This is IvyPanda's free database of academic paper samples. Competitive intelligence is information collected from multiple sources such as suppliers, customers, competitors, partners, and industries that analyzes patterns, trends, and relationships for strategic decision making.

The importance of giving enough value to within this emerging sub-sector cannot be underestimated given the unique leadership and management challenges it faces. The reason for this is because a confident and competent leader will have the ability and capabilities which will be obvious to their followers. If I can self manage the confrontations and aim for win/win, not only will I be achieving mutually satisfactory benefits and outcomes, but this will be working towards building my self confidence as more and more tasks will be achievable. In this reflection I will descript what I learned from the course and how I will apply what I learned in my daily practice. Leadership Reflective Essay assignments are being prepared by our management experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable essay help online service.

My role as a leader is to identify, explore and resolve issues that may be causing conflict, this may be uncomfortable but can only be achieved with perseverance and some degree of risk (Outhwaite, 2003, p347-375). Past and present leadership styles. (2016, Jun 19). In order to achieve this I have created action plans for three areas I would like to work on.

In today’s world, a manager must be an open-minded person.

• C Rodgers (2002) Teachers collage records: the voice of scholarship in education, • Elaine Lymne La Monica (1986) Nursing leadership and management: an experiential approach, • Chris Bulman Sue Schutz (2004) Reflective practice in nursing. This creates momentum and the sense of achievement as previously discussed. This affects my drive for improvement which is key to the NHS Modernisation and Improvement plan (DH 2000). The rationale behind this is very personal.


Having a complete analysis of the economic, political and social aspects that surround the non-for-profit organization has the capacity to enable a leader or manager discharge his or her services in sound manner. Having poor management may lead to chaos within such complex organizations and threaten their existence. If reward and the driving factor in business is profit, one striking factor that remains a concern is how the non-for-profit sector can effectively achieve its broad objectives without focusing on profit. My final action plans objective will be to increase my self confidence.

It is obvious from my strengths that I have the ability to carry out these action plans and that my staff members are more than willing to take on tasks that are suitable for them as they state “this makes people feel valued, able to branch into other areas of expertise and helps to retain staff”. If one is able to identify their strengths and any areas for development, this will result in being able to set realistic parameters and be able to capitalise on their strengths, interests and capabilities (Bennis, 2003, p47-64).

Before I set about this I feel I will have to reduce the potential unnecessary interruptions and digressions. The understanding is that the line of action taken by a leader or a manager largely depends on a wide range of situational factors, organizational cultures, and objectives. These involve appealing to basic human values, needs, and emotions. In today’s competitive business environment, effective management plays a crucial role. The world has changed significantly since globalization. Autocratic style is a management style that takes a task-only focus and tends to make most of the decisions for the department without including the team as part of the decision-making.

Successful management of human services must integrate the concepts of organizational learning. Conflict is often an issue as change is at this time frequent and often initially met with resistance and negativity; I myself can initially have these reactions and project them. I have also reflected upon my vision and style of management and further identified areas that can be enhanced into making me a more versatile leader as this is important to the NHS modernisation programme (DH 2000). Prepared by: Joshua Mathias There was a case when a colleague had written highly inappropriate comments in clinical records that were brought to my attention. *You can also browse our support articles here >. In the models of reflection, I would like to discuss about Gibbs Frame work for Reflection and Johns Model of Structured Reflection, â- 1.Gibbs Framework for Reflection (Linked with the core skills of reflection).

Apple’s Management and Leadership Apple’s Management and Leadership Apples management and leadership have taken the small company in Silicon Valley and transformed it into a multinational conglomerate.

when leadership comes to nursing, it is recognised that nurses who have leadership capabilities can improve motivational levels of others in the work environment, this helps nurses to have a positive attitudes about their work, and to run their daily tasks and responsibilities more effectively.

Firstly to improve my time management skills, my next plan will be to develop the ability to confront colleagues in a self managed way and finally to increase my self confidence.

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