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Need some help planning your accessible road trip? With Idaho’s diverse landscape and seemingly endless miles of back-country roads, it’s no surprise to learn that just about any road trip you take in our gorgeous panhandled state is going to require a lengthy trek. I would also recommend a cell phone charger for your car if you don’t already have one. To avoid starting your trip out on a sour note, pack your vehicle full of some of your favorite comfort items from home. Can they be adjusted. Some wheelchair users have medical equipment they need to bring with them or various changes of clothes. Check the pressure in each of your car or van’s tires, as well as the spare, and make certain that all vehicle conversions are in proper working condition. When you plan your road trip, there are a lot of things you need to decide when planning your route. She wants to have a road trip, and she will get it. Even though you’re sitting in the same position, driving long distances can be exhausting. You might be so busy checking if everywhere else is accessible that you might forget to check whether your stuff is. However, the US is a beautiful country with lots to see from the road and experience during unexpected stops.

Is there anything nearby, like a restaurant, convenience store, or other activities? You can probably also leave your blow dryer since pretty much every hotel room has one. I’m in the planning process right now, so I wanted to share with you some tips for planning your own amazing (and accessible) road trip. In May 2018, my goal is to hop in my Ford Explorer MXV (modified by BraunAbility) with my Pride Mobility Go Chair (aptly nicknamed Bumblebee) and take a three-week road trip from Orlando to Mount Rushmore and back. You probably won’t be going anywhere fancy on a road trip, so see if you can get away with using just one pair of shoes – preferably, the ones on your feet so you don’t have to shove any in your suitcase and take up space. All it takes is to push a button and emergency services will be alerted to your location. However, what if the location where you want to road trip is far away? This means that we need to make reservations in advance.
I can’t travel without a backup battery pack! Take the back roads and stay in one or two different hotels to get a feeling for what it’s like not to sleep in your own bed. Design & Development by Evok Advertising. Do you need to go through mostly urban areas so you have quick access to a restroom? Well, it’s not that simple for everyone. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to travel light. You can keep an eye on her other work at her personal blog. I initially thought about titling this section “Choose a Destination,” but we all know that road trips are about the journey. This can be the difference between a positive fun filled trip, or a frustrating wild ride. It might seem like driving the traditional Google Maps route would be the best option. In my Mom’s case, we brought a variety of cold packs to ease the stress on her spine and it was crucial to have them handy when necessary.

Contact me at Spin the Globe / Travel and we’ll get started!
Planning is absolutely essential for an accessible road trip. Does the car rumble over cracks in the pavement? However, that sort of food could cause fatigue and drowsiness while you are driving, and nobody likes a drowsy driver! They have locations around the country, and since this is where I purchased my own accessible SUV, I can attest to the fact that their service is top-notch. If you’re taking a wheelchair or some kind of mobility aid, make sure you know the process of getting it on a plane, and which airline will hopefully get it to your destination safely. I’ve been to 40 U.S. states and 36 countries, but I have more to see. Design & Development by Evok Advertising. I mean, pack strategically, so that when it has been hours in the car and you are thirsty and hungry, you are able to find the snacks. Once the route is sorted out, check to see which places are really accessible. 2020 JJ's List. The Spot GPS device is basically an emergency beacon that you can use in different ways depending on the subscription you have. With the widespread use of smartphones and accessibility of information via the web, being out on the road does not mean you have to be out of touch. With apps like these, road trips can quickly become a great tradition to share with family and friends. They even provide you with a trip itinerary you can take with you. This is basically a really great life insurance policy if you’re going to be in a remote area without someone who does have local cell service. Here are some examples: Make sure to treat yourself. If you have certain things that you want to see, like museums or national parks, make sure your companion will be okay with visiting the same sights you want to see. You deserve some great luxury on your road trip! There are numerous independent dealers around the country where you can rent a wheelchair van, and I recommended the MobilityWorks chain. Here are some tips to make your next road trip a smooth transition into vacation mode: Road trips often get a bad rap for being knee bumping, back hurting experiences. In modified or  wheelchair accessible vehicles,  road trips can be shared with those living with a disability. While public transportation is a great option for travel when you’re venturing out into the city or are travelling by train, there aren’t too many long distance public transportation options out West. Spin the Globe is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. © Copyright In Virginia, I love taking Amtrak for its extra leg room and friendly staff. Another option is to fly somewhere and rent an accessible van in that location. Do they talk way more or way less than you do? Try separating your items in different bags by category, or frequency of use.

But in Idaho, when I decided to plan a trip with my Mom, we needed something else. If so, will it be a one-way trip or a loop from your departure city? The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is an advocate for mobility and accessibility for drivers with disabilities. Wheelchair restraints and other modifications completed to better accommodate drivers or passengers with disabilities should be tested for safety and comfort, especially if this will be your first long distance trip with the conversions.

In May 2018, my goal is to hop in my Ford Explorer MXV (modified by BraunAbility) with my Pride Mobility Go Chair (aptly nicknamed Bumblebee) and take a three-week road trip from Orlando to Mount Rushmore and back.

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