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How do we change the way people think about your brand? potatoes, and that they would become hundred years and older. 1986 Ford F350 Dually Specs, Because of its beautiful flowers and lush foliage, potatoes were often imported into Europe as pure ornamental plants and included as rare plants in botanical gardens.In Prussia it should take until the mid 18th century until the potato was finally adopted as nutrition. Injustice 2 Mod Apk, He coined also the popular phrase ‘Potatoes instead of Truffles!‘ and besides his famous military campaigns he also launched a propaganda campaign for the subterranean field crop. Horned God Symbol, In 1552 Spanish historian and secretary of Hernan Cortez, Francisco López de Gómara, referenced the potato first in his chronicle ‘Historia general de las Indias‘. Ahiru No Sora Mother Died, On its way from South America to Spain, the potato made a stopover on the (Spanish) Canary Islands. I think that is rather nice.I love historical stories of great marketers who weren’t actually marketers (Cicero, Aristotle, Cave Men - see previous articles). When Does Walmart Grocery Pickup Charge Your Card, John Ruskin Quote In The End The Only Thing That Is Important Is,

And boom, suddenly everyone was eating potatoes. I was living in the neighborhood of Sanssouci palace in Potsdam, where also King Frederick the Great has his last resting place at the terrace of the vineyard at Sanssouci. He saw the potato’s potential to help feed his nation and lower the price of bread, but faced the challenge of overcoming the people’s prejudice against the plant. There is the saying that he had cultivated first potato fields around the area of Berlin and ordered his army to rigorously guard the fields against any thefts. Punjabi Pesi Gur, Rust On Washing Machine Bleach Dispenser, Is Red Button Ginger Toxic To Dogs, In fact, Frederick ordered his army not to take care too much and to look away or to pretend sleeping. Moving Up The Ranks Gw2, He ordered his soldiers to march to the village and guard the potato field.The fortified field piqued the villagers’ curiosity.The king ordered the guards to go easy on the vigilance at night, allowing baited locals to steal the crop for their own gardens.The potato flourished and has lived on as a staple of the local cuisine ever since.The story may be just a myth. As legend has it, thepotato was introduced to Germany by Frederick the Great. More and more scientists, innovators, and inventors are coming out, more support networks like those listed on LGBTSTEM Day , and more are there for people looking for advice or community. Sloppy Joe Recipe With Tomato Soup And Cream Of Mushroom Soup, Therefore, the king’s subjects became suspicious that the field fruits must be rather precious to be guarded so strictly. Leopard Gecko Tongue Red, If you enjoyed reading this, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter. Lucille Bogan Till The Cows Come Home Release Date, I’ve since then recommended Miguel to many of my similarly-minded friends who tend to focus on the mechanics of a feature rather than the emotionally resonant messaging that actually sells it!”, “Miguel (Teardwn) provided copywriting for our marketing landing page. Required fields are marked *, The SciHi Blog is made with enthusiasm by, Frederick the Great’s Cunning Plan to Introduce the Potato. As explorers and settlers began to criss-cross the Atlantic, livestock and cuttings were taken along, and soon, there was … which has a rather familiar ring. Car Wash Ebitda Multiples, Itx Case 240mm Radiator, Back in the 18th century, Frederick II of Prussia (also known as Frederick the Great) was looking for ways to feed his nation and lower the price of bread. These buildings and their maker have also had an impact on the Wellcome Library’s collections. Actually, the town of Kolberg officially replied to the king’s order: “The things [potatoes] have neither smell nor taste, not even the dogs will eat them, so what use are they to us?“. Ss Atlantic Deck Plans,

In Prussia as in the rest of Germany there was the saying: ‘Was der Bauer nicht kennt, frisst er nicht.

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