essential oils for hair growth and thickness

If you want healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp. Instead of relying on expensive products that promise growth with a long list of not-so-reputable (and sometimes questionable) ingredients, get Rapunzel-worthy lengths the natural way with these expert-backed essential oil solutions. Essential Oil Hair Wax. Its antibacterial properties can contribute to a clean scalp, which is required to maintain healthy hair.,,,,,,, Hair Conditioner: When, How, and Why Should Use It, Hair Spa: Everything You Need To Know About It, How To Use A Hair Serum: The Dos And Don'ts, How to Grow Hair Faster - Hair Growth Tips. We all want to have shiny, healthy hair with plenty of new growth. “Geranium essential oil can regulate dryness, excess oil, and the production of sebum. Homemade Remedy: To use patchouli essential oil for hair growth, blend: 2 - 3 drops of patchouli essential oil 5 - 6 drops rosemary essential oil 2 tbsp argan oil which compliments patchouli well Massage the blend into the scalp Leave on for 1 - 2 hours, then shampoo out If you don’t like the scent of patchouli, use a lemon oil or lavender oil final rinse to mask the scent. Several scientific studies suggest that certain oils do boost hair growth. It speeds up wound-healing and reduces inflammation. Rinse off with shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. Put a hot towel around your head and sit for twenty minutes. If your scalp is too dry, using a heavy-weight carrier oil like coconut oil can help soothe your irritation. I’m a big fan of essential oils. While you can use plenty of different oils in your hair—from argan to coconut—a handful of different essential oils are especially impressive in their ability to help you grow it out. “Rosemary is a great choice for hair growth and hair thickness because the essential oil can repair, stimulate, and regulate cells. Aside from helping with stress relief and muscle pain, essential oils are also great for upping your energy, getting rid of a pesky annoying cough that won’t seem to go away, and even combating toothaches. Speaking of lavender, it’s beloved for its calming scent—and your scalp is sure to enjoy it just as much as you do. One place I never thought to put my essential oils, though, is in my hair. Peppermint oil is effective in enhancing hair growth, especially during the anagen (growing) phase. Clary sage essential oil can help balance scalp oils. Mostly, it is known for its ability to heal and soothe the body and mind. 2-3 times of application per week is recommended. 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8.

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