Why Buying Purchased Data Is Effective, Can Increase Leads for Your Business and Save You Money.

Purchased Data

You’ve realized that lead generation is every marketer’s primary goal. You know how important leads are to your business for growth potential (and if you didn’t, Googling “lead generation” will propose 10 different credible sites that confirm this). What you may not know is that you can get instant access to a myriad of qualified prospects simply by investing in third-party purchased data. Pair this new purchased data with a software company that uses Email Lead Generation (ELG) software as a tool to effectively get you in front of those targeted professionals to create a continuous flow of new, qualified, brand building, sales-ready leads. And because email is a low-cost, measurable way to connect with your purchased data, it can save your business time and money while providing you with an increase of leads.

Here’s how to get started:

What to Consider

To be successful, non permission-based contacts or purchased data must be uploaded into the right software. Find out which companies allow such lists to be imported into their systems. Use a software that uses Email Lead Generation software, as companies that use ELG software have their own sending IP’s and domains to send email campaigns to, which protect your online reputation. And with multiple servers delivering your content, you get increased deliverability and better results in the process.

After selecting a software company, upload your purchased data into the system that allows you to send emails to your non permission-based contacts or purchased data. Determine what email message you want to create. Ensure content is relevant to your audience, understanding what is most important to them. Then, once email content is crafted, simply hit the send button and start connecting with your contacts, essentially turning potential prospects into revenue-generating leads.

Why Use Email Lead Generation

Why is it critical that you partner with a company that can deliver results from your non permission-based contacts or purchased data? Well, it’s simple: to effectively generate quality leads. What’s the downfall of working with a business that prohibits the sending of emails to non permission-based contacts or purchased data, such as Marketing Automation or Email Service Provider software? Lost marketing dollars, very poor results from your email campaigns, closed accounts and banned or blocked email campaigns. You also jeopardize your corporate IP and domain by subjecting it to anti-spam appliances that can get your IP and domain blacklisted for not following protocol, resulting in future emails sent from your company’s email domain or IP address to not be delivered to your end user. Bottom line: invest in software that allows the sending of email campaigns to your purchased data contacts to deliver a higher return and get your brand in front of the right people.

How to Use Purchased Data

In one year, the average company’s contact list retains only 70% of its email addresses. There are several reasons for this decline – overturn at a company, people changing jobs, or recipient’s deleting their email addresses. But for a newly bought list of contacts, list degradation is not the primary concern. Inherent to purchased data are hidden spam traps, dead addresses and moles. Marketers that invest in purchased data must clean and re-verify their contacts. Those that decide against this will not maximize their email campaigns performance resulting in higher bounces and lower deliverability rates. It can also prevent your message from effectively being delivered to ISP’s and anti-spam appliances.

Additionally, your campaign will not run at optimal performance levels when you waste time and resources sending emails to your purchased data that contain email addresses that are no longer associated with real people. By scrubbing your list and removing dirty data, you can reduce hard bounces, limit blacklisting and banned accounts and improve your email campaign’s deliverability issues and overall ROI.


Truth is … sending email campaigns to your non permission-based contacts or purchased data isn’t complicated. It does however require you to do your homework. Build a plan. Choose the right software. Then, execute it with control. Testing is important as well. Each new testing approach needs to be accurately measured to continue to evolve your Email Lead Generation strategy and maximize marketing spend and email campaign results

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