Discover Your B2B Website Traffic Sources & The Leads Behind Them

Discover Your B2B Website Traffic Sources & The Leads Behind Them

Website traffic is great. It’s a major part of any B2B company’s success, and many companies spend significant effort optimizing their websites to make the most of their traffic.


To achieve this, it’s important to analyze your website traffic sources and determine how to use that information.


Understanding the sources behind your website traffic can be both illuminating and, strategically speaking, valuable, allowing you to develop better audience targeting and marketing tactics.


Discover Your B2B Website Traffic Sources & The Leads Behind Them


At their core, B2B marketing activities serve to drive traffic to your website – whether your main homepage or landing pages – in order to generate conversions.


You can increase the ROI of all your marketing activities with two strategies: conversion rate optimization, and website traffic source analysis.


Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the process of constantly optimizing your website to encourage conversions by identifying the strongest elements of your website design and focusing on those, while reducing elements that aren’t performing well.


It focuses on the actual website itself – things like changing elements’ positions, editing copy and image content, and experimenting with different calls-to-action and color schemes.


The basic idea is to identify what’s working best on your website – what forms are converting best, for example – and directing as much traffic as possible to those elements.


An in-depth guide to CRO is beyond the scope of this article, but if you’re looking for more details, here are our leading edge website CRO tips you can actually use.



Website Traffic Source Analysis

Having a website that’s optimized to convert as much traffic as possible is a very strong strategy. Knowing exactly who your traffic is and where they’re coming from is at least as important, especially in the B2B world.


You can separate your website’s traffic sources into six broad channels:


  • Organic search results: People who found you through a Google search (or other search engines)
  • Paid advertising: People who landed on your page as a result of clicking on a paid ad
  • Email links: People who clicked on a link in one of your email marketing campaigns
  • Social media: People who clicked on a link in one of your social media posts or profiles
  • Referrals: People who clicked on a link to you on another website
  • Direct traffic: People who typed your website address directly into their browser

Being able to identify which channels are bringing in the most (and highest-quality) traffic gives you a lot of insight into where your efforts are yielding results and where you can improve.


However, for truly awesome results, you need to go deeper than that. You need to know not just who your target audience is, but who they should be as well.




No matter your product or service, knowing exactly which businesses are visiting your site – what pages they’re visiting and for how long, where they landed and what pages they exited from – is key to being able to develop appropriate marketing strategies.


You know what sort of companies you expect to end up on your website (and make purchases). What you need to know is what sort of companies are landing on your website and considering purchasing. There may be entire market segments you could be tapping into that you simply haven’t thought of.


Most companies have an analytics tool running on their site, something like Google Analytics. These provide great information on the general trends within your traffic, but don’t dive into enough detail to enable really targeted decisions and tactics.


They certainly don’t provide you with a way to reach out to those companies that don’t immediately convert.


Getting Actionable Data

The best (and easiest) way to get the information you need is with Clickback WEB. It automatically identifies businesses that visit your site, tracks their activity there, and gives you detailed information about those companies such as industry, annual revenue, size, and more. Even if they didn’t convert.


That alone is strategically valuable, but it’s not all the tool does for you.


Along with identifying those companies, Clickback WEB identifies potential leads at those companies and gives you accurate contact data for them.


You can not only identify missed opportunities, you can immediately add them to your funnel and reach out to them.


It’s a game-changer, and you can try it for free. Sign up for your 14-day free trial today!





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