Boost Your Website Lead Generation with Visitor Identification Software

Boost Your Website Lead Generation with Visitor Identification Software

Visitor identification software allows you to boost your website lead generation efforts by providing marketing and sales teams the key details you need to contact the people that visit your website.


We all know that inbound marketing can be an effective strategy for earning qualified B2B leads, but even the most engaging website is leaking potential leads using this strategy alone.


In this post, we’ll tell you how you can accelerate your lead growth by using visitor identification software for effective outbound marketing.


Clickback WEB is a lead generation tool that shows you the companies that visit your website but don’t convert.


Generating Leads from Your Website


Using your website to generate leads is all about increasing trust and providing value to your target audience. By keeping this top-of-mind, you’ll ensure that your users have a positive experience, and they’ll return for more.


Leave a lasting impression on your audience by offering in-depth information about how your B2B product or service can benefit them, and you’ll increase the amount of time spent on your website.


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Look familiar?  A traditional B2B lead generation strategy includes premium content offers, landing pages, and lead capture forms.


That’s where visitor identification software comes in.


With a simple code snippet added to the header of your website, visitor identification software shows you exactly what’s happening behind the scenes. This means more insight into your buyer persona and what type of pages interest them.


Clickback WEB gives you a chance to intercept visitors that do not complete the lead generation journey on your site.


How Visitor Identification Software Generates Leads from your Website


The primary goal of the software is to analyze website traffic and provide useful information to sales and marketing teams. To do this, the software will first identify the IP addresses associated with each page view and gather the vital information about the prospects visiting your page.


Once the data has been analyzed, the vital information is delivered in a format that is most useful to marketing and sales teams. For example, Clickback WEB gives you:

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  • Company Names

  • Locations

  • Industries

  • Annual Revenues

  • Contact Names

  • Job Titles

  • Phone Numbers

  • Email Addresses


What could your sales team do with the website leads listed above? The key point to remember is that without identifying the visitors on your website, you’ll never know who left without ever contacting you.


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Clickback WEB uncovers hidden leads by giving you the contact information you need to reach out to prospects.



An Effective Website Lead Generation Strategy


Successful website lead generation allows your sales team to streamline your prospect qualification process. They’re able to filter prospective clients by company revenue, employee count and more to isolate an ideal customer.


These advanced lead scoring tools can help you bring qualified B2B leads to the surface.


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Once the key details have been identified, your sales team can take a targeted approach to connecting with qualified prospects. Website lead generation software will paint a clear picture of your customer, and the funnel stage they are currently in.


For larger sales teams, Clickback WEB includes features such as lead assignment and distribution. These are invaluable lead intelligence tools, as teams can easily export contacts into the existing CRM and designate the prospects to the right team member.


Website visitor identification software like Clickback WEB could be the key to accelerating your company’s sales growth. Leverage outbound marketing to drive new B2B leads into your sales funnel, and keep that pipeline constantly topped up.


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