Create More Impressive Campaigns with Video Email Marketing

Create More Impressive Campaigns with Video Email Marketing

If you’re familiar at all with the world of digital marketing, then it’s impossible to ignore the importance of video. It seems like you can’t read anything about digital marketing without the topic of video coming up – I mean, you’re reading a blog post about it right now.


The truth is, video is one of the most important tools in the marketer’s arsenal. It allows high-concept content to be distilled into smaller, more digestible pieces. Busy professionals might not have the time to devote to reading through and really engaging with a lengthy blog post. Plus, some people are just naturally more inclined to internalize the message of a video than they are the written word.


Adding video to your content strategy is a great way to expand your reach and even improve your SEO. With how powerful video is, there’s no wonder that people also often ask how it can be integrated with another powerful tool, email marketing.


Create More Impressive Campaigns with Video Email Marketing


Before jumping right into the world of video email marketing, it’s important to understand exactly what it means. It’s a little different than just attaching a video to your existing email marketing campaign and hoping for the best.


We’ve talked at length, on this blog, about how the overuse of images can hinder your email campaigns’ deliverability. Since spammers have taken to hiding certain trigger words inside images, spam filters have evolved to identify emails that contain too many, or exclusively, images and filter them to the junk folder.


That said, using images in your email is attention grabbing. Peoples’ eyes are immediately drawn to the most visually pleasing part of an email first, and research shows that visuals can increase a persons willingness to engage with your content by up to 80%.


So, visuals are an important part of email marketing, but it’s vital that they’re not overused. An email that houses all its text in one large image is a transparent attempt at skirting past spam filters. What’s worse? It’s not likely to work.



Video Killed the Radio Star

If images are attention grabbing, then video is attention keeping. As I mentioned earlier, video is a great way to break down high-level concepts into shorter, more digestible pieces of content, but it can also help drastically improve your email marketing performance.


A study performed by Vidyard showed that:

  • The word ‘video’ can increase opens by 19%
  • A video thumbnail can increase clickthrough by 50%
  • 65% of executives are more likely to visit your site after seeing a video
  • Video can lower your cost per lead by 19%
  • Due to the increase in site traffic, video can improve your website’s SEO


Those are some pretty compelling cases for why you might want to pursue video email marketing. However, like including an image in your email, it’s not advisable to just start throwing videos into your campaigns and expect an immediate return.


Video email marketing needs to be handled with a certain amount of care to ensure that you get the best possible results out of your campaigns.



“Video” Email Marketing

An interesting disclaimer to make here is that ‘video email marketing’ is something of a misnomer, because your email likely won’t actually contain any video at all.


The reason behind this isn’t necessarily because a spam filter is going to send you directly to the junk folder – though that’s certainly a concern. Really, it’s because many email clients are still incapable (or at the very least, unreliable) when it comes to displaying videos.


How many times have you tested an email campaign, only to realize that your images aren’t showing up in certain clients? Embedded video is even less reliable.


Your best bet is to create a thumbnail for your video and link to a link to a page where the video will start playing automatically. This way, you’re still piquing the interest of your contacts, while also receiving trackable data that shows how many people have received and clicked through to your video page.



Tips to Improve Your Video Email Marketing

If you’re planning to include video to improve your next email campaign, there are a few things that you should know beyond the use of a thumbnail rather than an embedded video.


  • Be Sure to Use the Word ‘Video’: Including the word ‘video’ in your email – especially in the subject line will not only let your contacts know what they’re in for, it will naturally draw the eye. Since people are hungry for video content, they’re much more likely to open an email with the promise of a video inside. Even better if the email offers to alleviate a pain point they’ve been experiencing. Something like ‘Experiencing Low Leads? Give Your Numbers a Boost with Clickback [Video].’
  • Don’t rely on video alone: It can be tempting to let your video do all the talking, but it should complement the message of your email, not replace it. A video could be a great product introduction, case study, or bit of social proof, but an email that’s just a video comes across as a bit spammy. Not to mention, if the video isn’t immediately playable on your contact’s device, you’ve got nothing to fall back on.
  • Pay attention to your video thumbnail file size: Remember, large images in emails are likely to trigger spam filters. It might be tempting to include a big, beautiful thumbnail for people to click on, but this might actually be counterproductive. You’re best to keep your image file sizes below 2.7MB.
  • Be aware that your email is likely to be opened on a variety of devices: This is an important consideration for all aspects of email marketing, but if you’re linking to video, remember that not everyone is going to be opening your message on their computer. A non-insignificant number of people will be opening your email on their phone or tablet, so make sure that your video is playable and looks good on those devices.
  • Consider using animated thumbnails and captions: Again, these are just good practices for video marketing, but imagine how people are going to be viewing your video. Your contacts might be opening their email in their office, on their phone. An animated thumbnail (under 2.7MB) tells them that they’re certainly about to watch a video, and captions ensure that even someone who’s watching the video on silent will be able to understand its value. Animated thumbnails can be made easily here, while a service like Rev can automate the captioning process.
  • A/B test your emails: Of course, adding a video to your email doesn’t guarantee that it’s going to improve your campaign performance. It’s important to record your findings to be able to optimize your future campaigns. Like anything else, video is an experiment, and you’ll need to track it to understand whether or not it’s working.


Start Improving Your Conversion with Video Email Marketing

If you’re looking to generate more leads with your email marketing, then video can be a huge help. Even more so when you integrate it with email lead generation (ELG) and send your video email marketing to a large, high-quality list of purchased contacts.


Video can be just the type of social proof to help your cold contacts convert into warm, opted-in leads en masse. See how video email marketing can work for you with a free 1-on-1 demo of Clickback today.


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