Using Email Signatures for Marketing: Tips and Tricks

Using Email Signatures for Marketing: Tips and Tricks

There are so many ways you can improve your email marketing, but here’s one you might not have thought of.


Your email signature is a great opportunity to make your campaigns more effective.


Yep, you read that right. Let’s take a look at some ways you can use your email signature more effectively.


Using Email Signatures for Marketing: Tips and Tricks


Link to Your Homepage

This one is fairly common, but it’s worth mentioning. If you have a well-designed homepage or product page that includes everything you’d use for a landing page, link to it in your signature.


If you have a single product, you can link right to your product page for it at the end of your signature. If you have a range of offers, link to the most relevant ones in your signature, relative to your campaign’s content.


This accomplishes a couple things: it gives people an easy way to learn more about your business and products without having to Google your company name, drives traffic to your site, and might just net you an extra lead here and there.


Of course this doesn’t mean you should omit a main CTA in your body content. Quite the opposite: links in your signature should be secondary and not pull attention from your main CTA.


Social Media

Including a series of social media buttons in your email signature is also a fairly common practice. However, you can do a little more than just link to your company’s accounts (though that’s totally fine too).


If your industry or business thrives on personal touchpoints with potential customers, consider linking your own (professional, not personal) social media accounts. Doing that can give contacts the sense that you’re personally invested enough to give them a way to reach out to you directly, instead of a generic company account.


Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a piece of content that’s intended to draw leads to your site, such as a white paper or eBook, case study and so on. The concept is more inbound-oriented, but there’s no reason your email lead generation campaigns shouldn’t help drive those leads too.


If you’ve got an excellent case study, for example, plug a link to it in your signature. This acts as solid social proof as well as giving contacts a way to see what sort of results you can deliver.


You can also link to gated content, which is particularly useful for getting cold contacts to opt in. With an ELG campaign, you’ve reached them so you clearly have their email address already, which removes the main source of friction around gated content.


It still counts as an opt-in, though, which is exactly what you want to achieve.



Events and Webinars

Are you hosting an event or presentation of some sort in the near future? Make a nice CTA banner for it and pop that in your signature.


Bonus points if it’s directly related to the topic of your email campaign. If you’re trying to generate opt-ins for your product demo, including a link to an upcoming webinar gives you a bit of a safety net. If people don’t want to sign up for a demo right away, they might opt for the webinar instead as a way to gain more information and ask their questions without having to deal with a sales rep, in a more informal setting.


Free Stuff

Got a free tool, trial, infographic or other cool bit of content? Link that in your signature!


Remember, your campaigns should be packed with value just by opening and reading them. A link to a free useful tool with no catches (such as being gated) is a great way to ensure that little extra bit of value with no effort on your part.



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