How a Spam Checker Can Save Your Email Marketing Campaigns

How a Spam Checker Can Save Your Email Marketing Campaigns

When you send a marketing email, you need your message to resonate with the reader. It’s important to have a strong message, but it’s even more important to deliver it properly.


How you compose your email template, your copy and your images play an immense role in the effectiveness of your email campaign.


That goes double for cold email marketing – not only is it important to convince the reader to take the action you’re encouraging, you need to convince spam filters that your email isn’t spam.


How a Spam Checker Can Save Your Email Marketing Campaigns


When you send email marketing, your ISP (internet service provider) analyzes your email to determine whether it’s spam or not.


It takes a wide range of factors into account, including but not limited to how many emails are going out, what your emails’ engagement rates are (as in how many people open or click your emails), image-to-text ratio, which words and phrases are found in your copy, and whether your IP or domain is on a blacklist.


ISPs assign a “sender score” each IP address and domain you send from, based on the above criteria, which is what tells them how likely your emails are to be spam.


Once your campaign makes it past these checks, it has to go through the same process at the recipients’ end, through their ISP.


If your want your cold email campaigns to succeed, your content needs to be fantastic and relevant to the reader, and acceptable to ISPs’ spam filters.


If your emails get flagged or reported as spam, you’ll experience a strong drop in deliverability as your sender score decreases. Your campaigns will end up in spam folders rather than inboxes.


Even worse, your IP and domain may end up blacklisted – and that’s a death sentence for your email marketing.


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How to Avoid Being Blacklisted

It’s absolutely critical that you don’t get blacklisted if you want to continue sending marketing campaigns. If you’re on a blacklist, it doesn’t matter how great and relevant your message is, because people simply won’t see it.


The quickest way onto a blacklist is if people report your email as spam. You want to avoid this at all costs.


If there’s no quick, obvious way to unsubscribe from your emails, people may report your message as spam. Including a readily-apparent, functional unsubscribe link in your emails is not only important in preventing spam reports – it’s also required in order to be CAN-SPAM compliant.


You need your email list to be clean of bad data and spam traps, too. Running your contact list through an email verifier is an extremely important step in keeping your deliverability maximized.


If you’re hitting spam traps and hard-bouncing off bad addresses, it indicates that you’re not being careful about who’s on your contact list – a major indicator that you might be spamming.


Another major red flag is whether your email content looks like typical spam. There’s a wide range of phrases and formatting that spammers tend to use, and if you’re using them too, that sends a red flag to spam filters.


Every ISP has a different (and ever-evolving) list of what constitutes signs of spam, so it can be very difficult to create content that completely avoids setting off red flags. Here are some common examples:

  • Wording such as “free”, “try now”, “limited time offer” are often used in spam messages.
  • Formatting with all caps, multiple fonts and text sizes, and multiple text colors.
  • Links that point to a different page than the one the text indicates.
  • Large images and little text content.


It’s impossible to keep everything in mind when creating email content. This is where a spam checker comes in extremely handy.


Spam Checkers Save Campaigns

A spam checker will run through your email and notify you of any content or formatting that could send up red flags and impact your deliverability.


Clickback MAIL has one built into its email editing tool. It checks your content in real-time and lets you know if you need to change up your content, so you can be confident in your messages.


Remember how important an email list verifier is. That’s usually a separate you’d pay a third party for before you start sending.


Clickback MAIL has one built right into the software, so you don’t need to worry about it.


Between its built-in spam checker, list verification, and other features, it’s the tool of choice for sending cold email campaigns you can be confident in.


Get a free 1-on-1 demo today and see how it can take your email campaigns to the next level.


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