3 Reasons Why The Software Industry Needs Website Visitor Tracking

3 Reasons Why The Software Industry Needs Website Visitor Tracking

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Often the strategy for selling in the software industry is to be the loudest (or peskiest!) voice in a crowded online marketplace, but website visitor tracking software is changing that. Web visitor tracking allows your sales and marketing teams to use insights into WHO visits your site to sell smarter. The software industry has always faced the challenge of saturation, or extreme competition, and is using visitor tracking software to combat these obstacles – fighting smarter, not harder.

Here are 3 key ways the software industry is using website visitor tracking to re-think their sales processes:


Challenge #1: Lead Identification and Qualification

Industry surveys suggest that identifying and qualifying leads is consistently in the top 3 challenges sales and marketing teams face in the software industry. Web visitor tracking makes it easier to score leads based on number of visits to the site, length of consideration time (i.e. did the lead first consider your product one year ago, or one week ago?) pages viewed (i.e. have they read through all of your material? Have they ever viewed your contact page?) and return rate (i.e. How many times has this lead come back to your site?). If you has access to all of this data, identifying a warm vs. cold lead would be simple and transparent, and lead qualification would be founded on real data – taking the guess work out of a critical sales-funnel process. Instead of working harder to produce intangible results, website visitor tracking software allows you to work smarter, supported by insights.


Challenge #2: Inbound vs. Outbound Sales

The struggle is real for sales and marketing teams to “choose” an approach. Inbound seems so easy: if you build it leads will come to you! Whereas outbound marketing seems to rely on a bit more good ‘ole fashioned elbow grease to make sales happen. The software industry is beginning to adopt a bit of a hybrid approach because in such a competitive market, it’s harmful to “sit back” and wait for inbound leads to trickle in.

However, with website visitor tracking software in place, sales teams can reach out to potential leads strategically instead of going “door to door”. With insight into lead score or qualification, buyer persona, and trends in behaviour – a proactive, outbound methodology will allow your teams to approach leads and decision makers that are primed to buy.


Challenge #3: Response Rates

Year after year, the number one challenge shared among software sales teams is response rates. It can be frustrating to constantly report “no response”, not to mention damaging to sales forecasts and lead nurturing plans. The tendency is to give up after a few tries, or blame the quality (or readiness) of leads coming in. This is another reason why the software industry has adopted web visitor tracking – to help sales teams reach out at the right time, and to the right people.

The software industry has its own set of challenges and demands, but are often at the forefront of innovation when it comes to implementing new processes or adopting innovations to break through the noise. That’s why, software companies are leading the charge in using insightful technology like Clickback’s WEB Visitor Tracking software to market and sell smarter.


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