Social Selling Tools That Will Boost Your Lead Gen

Social Selling Tools That Will Boost Your Lead Gen

These days, social selling is all the rage on the outbound marketing scene. Cold calls used to be the go-to for lead generation, but social networks now provide a more direct means of engaging potential customers on their own terms. There are even a number of tools available to make the process easy.


What are Social Selling Tools

Social selling tools are used to interact with prospects via social media. Basically, you’re finding ways to stay connected and provide value to prospects, nurturing them along their sales journey until they’re ready to make a purchase. With the right social selling tools, you can target just the right prospects for nurturing and build loyal, long-term relationships.


Social Selling Via LinkedIn

One of the more popular social selling tools available to outbound marketers comes in the form of LinkedIn’s InMails. The great thing about InMail messages is that you don’t need a LinkedIn connection with the recipient. This enables you to “cold call” (or cold message) a prospect without having to connect first.

As social selling tools go, LinkedIn’s InMails sound great, right? But here’s the problem…

  1. You have to have a premium account to use the InMail
  2. You can only send a certain number of InMail messages each month. Limits are based on InMail credits, which are determined by subscription type.

And this is the problem with most of today’s social selling tools — limitations! With only a small number of InMails available, sales and marketing have to be especially careful when choosing recipients. Otherwise, ROI will suffer.


Luckily, There Is a Solution

While tools like LinkedIn’s InMail messages are a great way to supplement your outbound marketing strategy, you can’t rely on them as your sole source of lead generation. And why should you? You have a perfectly good source of lead generation right at your fingertips — your website!

First, the bad news — 94 percent of web traffic never makes an inquiry. That’s a lot of potential leads circling the drain.

But here’s the good news, with Clickback WEB — our new website lead generation software — you can easily turn anonymous web visitors into warm leads!


How Clickback WEB Works

All you have to do is paste a small bit of code into your website’s header or footer, and let Clickback WEB do the rest. Our software will not only identify the companies who visit your website, but also give you names and contact information for key decision makers, so you can reach out and make a more personal connection.

Plus, when you know who you’re dealing with, you can use social selling tools like LinkedIn’s InMail that much more effectively.
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