See Who Visits Your Website, Generate More B2B Leads

See Who Visits Your Website, Generate More B2B Leads

Everyone can appreciate more traffic to their website. It’s no surprise that search engine marketing is one of the most effective B2B demand generation channels for early stage engagement.


The marketing team has done their job by getting the attention of the SERPs, and the traffic is flowing in. More eyeballs are on your B2B product or service, and that means more leads for your sales team… right?


Inbound marketing best practices are a great way to generate leads from your website, but the problem is, most of the visitors that come to your site never contact you or fill out a form.


A visitor identification software can be a powerful way to intercept your target customers early on in the buying cycle.


see who visits your website


Case studies, lead nurturing campaigns, webinars are all compelling B2B demand gen tactics for generating qualified leads for the top of the funnel. A website identification software allows you to connect with users in the pivotal early stages when it’s a perfect fit.

Clickback WEB visitor identification software

Analyzing your website visitor traffic


Your website is considered to be one the most effective channels in the B2B sales process. Studies have shown that it consistently performs better than many popular outbound marketing tactics.  But the lead growth potential of your website can only be realized when you’re able to understand the traffic coming to your site.


A free website tracking tool like Google Analytics can provide some incredible insight into the traffic visiting your site. Your sales team can attempt to decipher this broad data to learn more about their target customer, and their interests. The problem is, it doesn’t tell you WHO the website visitors are.


visitor identificaion software


User behavior including unique page views and bounce rate are important signals for the marketing team, but sales does not need to monitor this data on a daily basis. To close more deals, the sales team requires information about the decision makers at the company.


Turn your website into a sales prospecting tool


Unlike Google Analytics, a dedicated website visitor identification software provides you with the exact details of who is visiting your website. The sales team now has the key contact details they need to reach out to targeted warm leads browsing your website.


Visitor Identification Software tells you who visits your website.


B2B lead generation tools


The advanced lead management features built into Clickback WEB make it easy for sales to assign and distribute the leads coming into your website. The email alerts and notification features can be customized so that the sales teams can access the information they need when they need it.


A lead tracking software tool is one of the best ways to quickly start generating outbound sales leads because it uses live data happening on your website right now. It hones in on the warmest prospects first, which saves your sales and marketing teams time.


Why sales needs to know who visits your website


In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven business world, staying ahead of your competition means taking advantage of the tools at hand. Sales teams often deal with a tremendous sense of urgency when it comes to closing leads.


They work tirelessly to track leads and build lasting customer relationships. Those who provide the most value and offer the best solution are rewarded with long-term customers that provide recurring revenue for your business year after year.


analyzing website visitor data

Key details of your website visitors:


  • The name of the company they work for

  • The industry and location of their company

  • Their job title and annual company revenue

  • Their email address and phone number


Clickback WEB offers advanced filtering and lead scoring to better target your ideal customer.  You can filter the visitors by employee count, revenue, industry and more. Not only are you now able to see whos visiting your site, but you’ll have a better understanding of what your customers look like.


When you know who visits your website, sales can make a more meaningful first contact with warm leads.

contacting B2B leads

Visitor Identification software also provides insights for marketing


Tracking B2B website visitors is just as effective at nurturing leads as it is at closing sales. The marketing team will know exactly which content is engaging with a particular B2B buyer persona.


This information can be leveraged when creating new content on your blog, in email marketing campaigns and social media streams. As B2B marketing methods evolve, a targeted approach to lead nurturing becomes that much more important.


When you know who visits your website, you can make better marketing decisions.


In turn, your visual content marketing, native advertising, and influencer marketing will reap the benefits of a more persona-based experience as you begin to speak your ideal customer’s language.

See whos visiting your website with Clickback WEB

Whether you’re a sales professional looking for a powerful lead generation tool to stay ahead of your competitors or a marketing team looking to better understand your audience, website visitor identification software can provide you with the data you need to meet your business goals.

Start identifying who visits your website today with Clickback WEB.


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