Retargeting Software: Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Retargeting Software: Maximize Your Marketing ROI

When someone visits your website, they’re there for a reason. Generally, that reason is that they’re looking for something, and are checking out your offers to see if your product or service matches their needs. Every visitor is a potential sale.


And when they click away without converting, they’re likely going to keep searching for options. Which means your brand is going to get pushed back in their mind.


Retargeting is a way to keep your brand in the forefront of their mind instead, so that when they make the decision to purchase, they come to you.


Retargeting Software: Maximize Your Marketing ROI


So what is retargeting? Is it the same thing as remarketing?


Remarketing is a more broad, umbrella term for marketing to the same prospect repeatedly. It includes multiple channels, such as offline (like billboards), phone, email, and social media.


Retargeting, on the other hand, falls under the “remarketing” umbrella, but is more focused. Neil Patel illustrates the relationship in this chart:


remarketing vs retargeting


Typically, retargeting pertains specifically to paid search advertising (Google Ads), Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, we’ll also show you a way you can reach out directly to those prospects who didn’t convert.


Retargeting Visitors to Your Website

About 98% of all traffic to your site doesn’t convert. They come to your site, take a look around, and leave without giving you an email address, following your social media, or leaving you any way to contact them.


Retargeting is a way to keep them thinking about your brand even as they look elsewhere. It’s a simple process – you place a small bit of code, called a retargeting pixel, on your website.


When someone visits your site, the retargeting pixel drops a cookie inside the visitor’s browser. This tags them as having visited your site, and enables your remarketing campaigns to serve ads to them.


This is especially powerful with a Display Network retargeting campaign. Display Network campaigns are banner ads that appear all around the internet. When someone sees your ad, it refreshes your brand in their mind.


Reach Out Directly

With retargeting, you can serve your ads to people who leave your website without converting in an effort to keep your brand in their mind.


What if you could reach out to them directly? If your business is in the B2B arena, you can.


Clickback WEB is a tool that takes retargeting up a notch. The setup is similar – you paste a snippet of code into each website page you want to track visitors from.


The difference is that instead of placing a cookie and serving up ads, Clickback WEB gives you actionable contact data for B2B prospects. It identifies the companies that have visited your website but didn’t convert, and gives you contact information for leads at that company.


You can rank visitors based on a wide range of criteria, from what industry they’re in to how long they spent on a particular page on your site, so that the warmest leads in your target audience are highlighted.


It’s a hands-on form of retargeting that lets you actively turn missed opportunities into warm leads. You can give it a try for 14 days for free.


Retargeting People Who Engage with Competitors

You can also retarget people who have engaged with your competitors but not you. This works best on social media – getting a retargeting pixel on a competitor’s website is not only extremely difficult, it would present a complicated legal scenario.


On social media, however, this trick is fairly simple. Set your audience targeting to people who have liked some or all of your competitor’s pages.


You can do something similar with Google Ads by setting up a campaign with keywords pertaining to your competitors. You could even put in a headline like “#1 <Competitor> Alternative” if you really wanted to hammer the point home.


Additional Resources

Want to learn more about retargeting? Here are some additional resources:

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