Persuasive Email Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks

Persuasive Email Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks

When you boil it down, marketing is all about persuading people to do something. That might be to click a CTA or book a sales call, or anything else. Persuasion is our profession.


Being able to write persuasive email marketing is an invaluable skill, and that goes double when you’re using cold email lead generation.


Here are our top tips to craft persuasive emails.


Persuasive Email Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks


Tip 1: Write Properly

The biggest, best thing you can do to improve your email writing is pay close attention to your text. An email with proper grammar and spelling is awesome. An email without those things immediately comes off as unprofessional or even spammy.


Before you dive into more detailed, specific ways to create persuasive messaging, make sure your actual writing is up to par!


Tip 2: Formatting

If your email looks terrible and is hard to read, you won’t be persuading anyone to do anything except delete it.


A visually appealing email goes a long way. If your email looks good, that’s an immediate positive impression on the reader. That doesn’t mean you need to go overboard with designing it – even a simple text block can look good if formatted nicely.


Short paragraphs with breaks in between are a good place to start. Also try making your email scan easily. That means highlighting key phrases (see what I did there) so that if someone just scans over your email without reading it, the bits that their eye is drawn to still get your message across. At least enough to make them actually read it.


Tip 3: Language

Choose your words carefully and make sure you’re speaking the same language as your target audience. If you don’t use correct industry-specific terminology, you won’t come across as an expert.


In the same vein, when you do get it right, it underscores that you know what you’re talking about.


On a more general note, you can immediately improve your writing by omitting the word “very” as a form of emphasis. There’s always a better way to emphasize something.


For example, don’t say “you can get very good results”, say “you can achieve incredible results”. Packs more of a punch, right?


Tip 4: Make Sure You’re Persuading the Right People

This isn’t really a tip for improving your writing, but it’s critical (note how I didn’t say “very important” there).


Ensure your audience targeting is on point. If you’re sending top-notch, highly persuasive emails to people who fundamentally don’t have the problem your offering solves, you won’t see results. You have no chance of persuading someone who won’t get much benefit from your offering.


Tip 5: Be Crystal Clear and To-The-Point

It should be immediately and completely obvious to the reader what action they should take next. No matter what that action is – whether it’s to read your blog, buy a product, or reply directly – there should never be any doubt as to what that should be.


If your emails are long-winded and rambling, not only is it hard to tell what you want from them, you’ll lose their interest immediately upon opening. When faced with a big wall of text, even formatted nicely, people generally aren’t inclined to read it if they don’t have to.


You’re asking people to take time out of their day to read your email. Don’t punish them for it by wasting their time.


Keep your emails concise, clear, and laser-focused on what the reader’s next step should be – and why they should take that step.


Tip 6: Talk Benefits, Not Features

Here’s the thing: people do not actually care what cool features your product has. They care about how those features are going to solve their problems.


First, identify what their problem is (that your product solves). In your email, make it immediately clear that you’re aware of this problem, and that you’re going to help them solve it.


Then you’ve got their attention and they’re a little invested. Tell them what your product is and how it solves that problem you were just talking about.


If they have that problem and need a solution, they’ll click. Which brings us to our final point.


Tip 7: Give Them Something to Click

The most persuasive email in the world won’t get people taking action if you don’t give them a way to do that.


Include a call to action (CTA) button in your email. At the very least, use a clear and obvious link on its own line.


Don’t use generic CTA text like “Click Here”, either. When someone opens your email and scans it, the button is one of the main things they’ll notice. “Click Here” doesn’t tell them anything on its own.


“Book a Demo” or “Read the Blog”, on the other hand, tell them a bit more about the email they’re looking at, and reminds them of what they’re meant to be doing next.


Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to crafting excellent, persuasive emails!




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