The Lead Generation Technique You Never Thought Of

The Lead Generation Technique You Never Thought Of

Marketers never stop hunting for new ways to track down leads. Our playbook of lead generation techniques is always growing, and the more it grows, the harder it is to find something new.


We just end up digging through the same list of ideas: blogs, email, social media, PPC ads, white papers, case studies … you’ve seen it all before.


So have we, and we’re here to give you something refreshing – a whole new way to find leads.


The Lead Generation Technique You Never Thought Of


As a marketer, everything you do is with the goal of getting leads, right? Which likely means getting people to fill out a form on your website. For that to happen, people need to see your website first.


So you prepare awesome, super-optimized landing pages and do everything you can to drive people to them – all those tactics you see on every list. It’s a lot of effort to pump out regular, solid inbound content like blog posts and nurturing email campaigns. Plus outbound marketing like social media posts and ads, emails, and PPC.


All these things cost, to some degree, time and money. Especially paid services like social media advertising and Google Ads – you’re outright paying money for people to land on your website, and hoping you’ve convinced them to convert.


These approaches work – there’s a reason everyone does them – but they could be a lot more efficient.


How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Machine

Let’s say you’re running Google Analytics. This means you’ve got great insight into your website’s traffic, so you know that you’re bringing in a respectable amount of visitors.


That’s not the same thing as bringing in a lot of leads, though. Here’s a sobering fact for you: 98% of your website visitors leave without converting.


You might be able to get that down to 96% or so with good conversion rate optimization (CRO), but that’s still a huge amount of leads that you’re missing out on.


This is where our new lead gen tactic comes in: website visitor tracking software.


Now hold on, you might say, just a few sentences ago we assumed I’m running Google Analytics. Isn’t that website visitor tracking software?


Well, yes, it is. But we’re referring to a different kind. Google Analytics is fantastic at what it does – give you deep insight into the traffic on your website.


What it doesn’t do, however, is provide actionable lead information.


A Game Changer

Consider how useful it would be to be able to see which companies visited your website but didn’t convert, and then reach out to key decision makers there.


Suddenly, you’d have access to a new pool of leads that were warm enough to visit your website but didn’t make that jump into filling out a form.


When someone clicks on your Google Ad but doesn’t fill out the form on your landing page, that’s money spent. But if you could get their lead information, you could add them to your funnel.


The ability to gain contact information from website visits changes the playing field. It turns your website – and by extension all your content that points to your website – into a lead generation machine.


How Do I Do It?

The software we’re talking about is called Clickback WEB, and installing it is a breeze – just paste a bit of code into your website’s header or footer. If you’re using WordPress, you can even use a plugin to do it for you.


Once that’s done, you’re all set – it’ll start tracking and serving up potential leads. You’ll even get a list of companies that visited your site delivered to your inbox every day.


That’s really just the beginning, though. There’s a wealth of customization options for you to refine your lead gen with.

How Does It Work?

When someone visits your website, clicks around, and leaves, they’re gone, but not without a trace. They leave behind their IP address – the numerical identifier unique to their computer. This is what Clickback WEB uses to identify the company that visited.


The question on your mind at this point is probably “Using someone’s IP address to get information sounds dubious, is that really OK?”


Absolutely – as long as it’s a business. Tiny crash course: individuals are protected by a set of privacy laws, while businesses operate under another. So you won’t find people’s personal emails or home addresses in Clickback WEB, only business-related information.


In a business context, when someone visits your website, they’re demonstrating clear interest in your product or service. What you’re getting from Clickback WEB is a list of companies that have shown professional interest in your offerings and a list of potential leads at those companies.


Techniques to Refine Your Lead Generation

Not all leads are created equal. Some will be further along the buyer’s journey than others, some might be in an industry that’s more valuable to you. You might want to only focus on decision-makers above a certain level.


Clickback WEB allows you to create your own definition for what constitutes a “lead”. This might be only people in a certain set of industries, at a management level or higher, or any number of other criteria.


It filters out any visitors that don’t meet your definition, allowing you to focus on the leads that matter most.


You can also score your visitors based on events, actions, attributes and pages visited. For example, let’s say you’re particularly interested in contacts in the software industry. You can create a scoring rule that gives a visitor 5 points if they’re in that industry.


If you make desirable actions or criteria worth more points, you can see at a glance which leads are particularly valuable to you. For example, give your product page a value of 3 points and your pricing page 5 points.


So when a visitor in the software industry reads your product page and checks the pricing, and then doesn’t convert, you’ll see the company has 13 points, highlighting them as a strong potential lead.


You can also filter your list of visitors by many criteria, ranging from industry to company size, annual revenue, time spent on site, number of page visits, job role, and much more.


All these features combine into a powerful tool that captures leads that would otherwise have gone under the radar, and lets you see at a glance which ones you might want to pursue most.


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