Lead Capture Software: What It Is and Why You Need It

Lead Capture Software: What It Is and Why You Need It

Marketers are always looking for new tricks and tools to bring in more leads. We need to constantly improve our strategy if we want to steadily grow.


The mentality of “reach new people and convert them” is standard issue among marketers. Lead capture software lets you gather more leads from the website traffic you already have.


It’s a powerful tool in any marketer’s tech stack.


Lead Capture Software: What It Is and Why You Need It


Digital B2B marketing is all about the website traffic. Whether you’re sending email campaigns, using Google Ads, blogging or anything else, your efforts all drive traffic to your landing pages or website.


Ideally, that traffic converts into leads and, eventually, customers. Only a small percentage of them will actually become leads, though.


In the B2B space, the average conversion rate is about 2%. That means that to get the lead volume you need, you’re working hard to increase your traffic.


Lead capture software can dramatically improve your lead generation – it lets you collect more B2B leads from your existing traffic.



How Does Lead Capture Software Work?

When a B2B lead lands on your website, it’s likely because they’re interested in what you have to offer.


Buyers do plenty of research on their own before converting. At any given point, a portion of your website visitors are shopping around for solutions to their company’s needs.


Lead capture software such as Clickback WEB identifies companies visiting your website, even if they don’t convert. Let’s look at an example.


Imagine you get 500 website visitors every month. On average, that’s about 10 leads.


Let’s say Clickback WEB identifies 75 companies for you from among your traffic. Not only can you see which companies have visited your site, you get detailed information about them such as their industry, revenue, size and location.


That’s helpful information on its own – you might discover untapped industries that you never expected to be interested in your offering for example. You can do more, though.


Once you’ve configured it, Clickback WEB will automatically give each visitor a score based on activities such as which pages they’ve visited, and attributes such as their industry.


This allows you to see, at a glance, which companies are most similar to your ideal customer profile.



Where’s the “Lead Capture” Though?

Here’s where: Clickback WEB also gives you accurate contact information for leads at those identified companies. You can target specific job roles, or roles of management level and above, and add them to your funnel.


So, back to our example. You have a list of 75 companies that have visited your site this month. Of those companies, let’s say 22 of them area really valuable targets – they’re the right size, in the right industry, and have visited all the pages on your website that indicate high interest levels.


Since you only want manager-level contacts or above, you filter the identified contacts by that requirement, and are left with 10 new leads.


These are high-quality leads, too. You know they work for companies that fit your target audience perfectly, and that they’re in job roles where they can pull the trigger on a purchase.


You’ve now doubled your leads for the month without needing new traffic.



Why You Need Lead Capture Software

As marketers, we tend to spend a lot of time and effort trying to generate new leads by reaching new audiences. Lead capture software lets you multiply your lead growth without having to struggle against a disheartening conversion rate.


And aside from bringing in new, high-quality leads, you gain valuable insight into just who is visiting your website. Knowing which companies are paying attention to you can enable you to identify new audiences and spot patterns.


It also makes all your other channels much more valuable. If you’re investing in Google Ads, for example, it can be excruciating to see a high clickthrough rate – meaning you’re spending money on clicks – but low conversions.


It feels like you’re throwing money away. If you have Clickback WEB installed on your landing pages, however, you can capture B2B leads that were interested enough to click on your ad but reluctant to submit a form – increasing your return on investment.


It works like that for any channel – anything that brings traffic to your website has the potential to generate extra leads using lead capture software.


It augments all your digital marketing efforts, making it much easier to gather high-quality B2B leads.


Try it for yourself with a 14-day free trial!



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