Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2020? Absolutely – Here’s How

Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2020? Absolutely – Here’s How

There’s no denying that the landscape of digital marketing is different these days. With so many new ways to market your products, is email still relevant?


The answer is: absolutely. Email is one of the longest-standing marketing channels still used today, and for good reason.


The trick is to do it right. We’ll show you how.


Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2020? Absolutely – Here’s How


Modern email marketing can be split into two categories: opted-in and cold. The most effective way to leverage email these days is by using both.


That’s because they’re basically two different steps on the buyer’s journey. Cold email is ideal for generating leads and keeping your funnel topped up. Opted-in email is the next step, where they enter your funnel and you nurture them until they’re sales-ready.


Let’s look at how each of these works in practice.


Use Cold Email to Fill Your Funnel

The days of cold calling are long over. Modern outbound marketing uses email lead generation to keep leads flowing into your funnel.


The first thing you need is, logically, a list of cold contacts to send your campaigns to. In theory, that’s easy: just look around the internet to find a vendor and buy a list.


There is a pitfall you need to avoid though: bad data. There are two kinds of data providers. Some provide high-quality lists that are built by aggregating data over time. These reputable vendors are the ones you want to opt for.


Others, however, scrape their lists from the internet. This results in lists that are full of useless or outright harmful addresses collected more or less at random.


These are generally full of bad data like addresses that don’t actually exist, or are spam traps. Sending to spam traps can rapidly get you blacklisted, which puts an end to your email lead generation efforts.


Make sure you get a high-quality list from a reputable provider. If you’re not sure where to find one, reach out to us. We partner with a number of them and can happily refer you.


Once you’ve got an excellent list of cold contacts, the next thing you need is a way to clean your list up somewhat.


Every email list, even the best opted-in subscriber lists, decays naturally over time. You need to get yours cleaned so any addresses that no longer exist or have become spam traps are removed.


Usually, that’s a third-party service you pay for. The right email platform will handle that for you at no extra cost, though. More on that in a minute – for now, you’ve got a nice, clean list of contacts.


Now you need a way to send your campaigns to them.


Traditional email service providers or marketing automation platforms aren’t going to work here, as they don’t allow purchased lists and often have a cap on how many emails you’re allowed to send in a given time period.


In addition, they just aren’t equipped to deliver cold email campaigns reliably. That’s okay – they aren’t designed for that.


That’s what our email lead generation software (ELG) is for. It’s built for cold campaigns, packed with useful features and has cutting-edge deliverability systems under the hood to give you the best results.


It also cleans your lists for you. Remember that step? Clickback does it for you automatically when you upload a list, for free, using our advanced hygiene checks and filters.



Now it’s time to send your first campaign. Make sure you’ve got a CTA that points to a dedicated landing page for each campaign – that way you can maximize your conversion rate.


With just a single email, you’ve reached a vast audience. Contacts that convert on your landing page can go straight into your marketing automation or CRM tool – which is where the second type of email marketing comes in.



Use Opted-In Email to Nurture New Leads

Thanks to email lead generation, you’ll have fresh leads steadily flowing into your funnel. Now you need to nurture them.


How you do that will depend heavily on where they are when they enter your funnel. If your ELG campaigns are bringing in new blog subscribers, you’ll need to nurture them very differently than if they’re downloading a free trial of your product, for example.


Regardless of how far down the funnel they are, you should have a nurturing strategy in place to continue coaxing them closer to a sales call. If they came in right at the top of your funnel, that might require numerous touchpoints.


On the other hand, if your ELG campaign has people downloading a free trial and your product is spectacular, you might not need to do all that much more nurturing before they get on the phone with sales to make a purchase.


Email Marketing is Still Effective in 2020

You just need to do it right! There’s still a major misconception around inbound versus outbound email, as many marketers tend to think it’s one or the other. In reality, combining them is the best way to get results.




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