How to Successfully Use a Purchased List with HubSpot

How to Successfully Use a Purchased List with HubSpot

Purchased lists – at least ones from reputable data providers – are an awesome, powerful marketing tool. HubSpot is also an awesome, powerful marketing tool.


The problem is that they don’t go together. Uploading a purchased list is against HubSpot’s terms. So how can we make use of that list without breaking those terms?


We’ll show you how to make great use of your purchased lists and HubSpot, without breaking their terms.


How to Successfully Use a Purchased List with HubSpot


First of all, don’t upload your list to HubSpot. It’s important to reiterate that – HubSpot doesn’t allow cold lists.


Since you can’t send to your purchased list with HubSpot, the obvious solution is: send with another platform instead.


There’s more to it than that, though. Even if you could use your purchased list directly with HubSpot, it wouldn’t be a great choice.


Why Typical Email Providers Won’t Work

The reason HubSpot wouldn’t be an ideal choice is that it’s not designed for cold lists. It wouldn’t be able to reliably deliver your emails to the list in the first place.


The details behind that can get quite technical, but I’ll give you a high-level overview. Let’s say you’ve purchased a list of 50,000 contacts from a reputable data provider.


First, you need to upload your contact list to your email provider. You might already run into issues here, as many services have a cap on how many emails you can send per month, or how many contacts you can upload.


Let’s assume you can upload your list and send to it using your platform of choice. The next issue is the biggest one – your campaigns are going to fail to reach your contacts.


There are a number of reasons why this can happen. The first of them is that your list will have bad data in it. Even the best, most reputable data providers can’t regularly check every single address in their database, and lists deprecate over time.


People switch or leave jobs, addresses are closed or repurposed as spam traps. If you don’t clean out those addresses before sending, you’re uploading pointless contacts that will negatively impact your deliverability.


After all, if an address doesn’t exist and you send to it anyway, you’ll get a hard bounce. If you don’t remove that address from your list, and keep sending to it and ignoring hard bounces, that’s a red flag to spam filters that you’re not paying attention to your contact list.


When you send email, it passes through a couple different spam filters – yours, and your recipients’. These are complicated systems that look at all kinds of factors, with the goal of determining whether your email is spam or not.


In other words, whether or not it should end up in the junk folder, which is the last thing you want to happen to your campaigns.


HubSpot, and most other email clients, can’t handle cold campaigns for the simple reason that they aren’t intended to.


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How to Get Your Cold Contacts Into HubSpot

So far we’ve covered why you can’t feasibly use typical email platforms with a purchased list, including HubSpot. But you still want to make use of all HubSpot’s powerful features, right?


Here’s how you do it: reach your purchased list using a tool designed for that purpose, and use your campaigns to direct them to a HubSpot landing page, where they can convert.


You can get them to add themselves to your HubSpot database. This way, you can take full advantage of the power of purchased lists and HubSpot at the same time, without breaching their terms at all.


Since typical email providers don’t work with purchased lists, you need a platform that does. What you’re looking for is email lead generation software.


It’s called Clickback, and it’s built to handle all the things most email clients can’t when it comes to purchased lists.


For example, when you upload your list (which can be as large as you like), the software automatically runs all those contacts through a series of rigorous hygiene checks and filters to weed out bad data.


Without getting too technical, it also has a huge range of features and functions that come together to enable you to reliably reach the contacts on your purchased list.


And once you can do that, you can convert them to opted-in HubSpot contacts and take advantage of that platform too.


If you want to see just how it works, you can book a 1:1 live demo of the software and watch it in action.


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