How to Send Effective Bulk Email Campaigns (5 Tips)

How to Send Effective Bulk Email Campaigns (5 Tips)

With the right approach, sending a bulk email campaign can be a great way to expand your reach, generate leads and increase revenue. But to get the optimal results from your campaign and maximize your return on investment, you’ll need to do it right.


Non-permission-based email marketing to a cold list is an entirely different animal than the opt-in world. Unsolicited contacts do not yet know about your business or who you are. Try to forget all of the bad examples of bulk email marketing you have seen in the past, and focus on the following proven strategies that actually work.


There is a lot of technology behind the tools that are able to successfully deliver a cold email campaign in bulk. There are countless email marketing tools available that will let you send to 10,000 cold email addresses, but sending a mass email campaign to a purchased list in bulk includes many more contacts than that (Clickback MAIL clients send over 110 million emails per month).


To send an effective bulk email campaign, it’s best to break the process down into 5 actionable steps:


1. Purchase a Targeted List of Contacts


You often hear bad things about purchased email lists, but most of the negative press comes directly from traditional email service providers and marketing automation tools that aren’t equipped to send bulk email to cold contacts.


When you upload a purchased list to a marketing automation tool that was designed for permission-based contacts, you’ll be adding invalid emails, spam traps, and other deliverability killing factors. These tools simply don’t have the list verification and cleaning features needed to properly scrub a purchased list.


Clickback MAIL includes a bulk email verification tool that uses advanced algorithms to filter out bad contact data. It’s an invaluable tool for anyone with an existing list of purchased contacts that wishes to send targeted email campaigns.


Purchasing an email list is easily one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to grow your database of contacts. They can be an invaluable way to generate new qualified leads for your business at scale. A purchased list puts you one step ahead of the competition, as potential leads have a known, genuine interest in your products and services.



2. Segment Email Lists by Audience Type


Email list segmentation allows you to provide more relevant content to your email recipients. Acknowledging and understanding the differences between prospects allows you to craft customized content specifically for each audience type.


Depending on your industry, segmentation may be based on recipient demographics, geo-location, job title, or industry. It’s also important to consider the buyer journey when segmenting your list. A brand new, cold contact requires a different type of attention and content than one that you have been nurturing over the long-term.


Segmenting your email list in this way allows you to better highlight your brand value and hit the right audience with the right message at the best possible time. This puts higher quality leads in the sales funnel and maximizes your chance of conversion.


3. Use Email Lead Generation Software


Traditional email service providers, aren’t capable of cleaning and verifying data. As such, they won’t work with a purchased or cold contact list. In fact, they often suspend—or even cancel—user accounts that attempt to use purchased emails.


If you’re wondering why an email service provider would want to limit your lead generation opportunities and ROI by banning you for opting to send bulk email to perfectly good lists, the answer is simple – ESPs shared IP addresses. If one bad list gets through, they could violate compliance regulations.




In this scenario, the email service provider would end up getting their shared IP addresses blacklisted, which would mean that all of their client’s emails would get caught in the spam filters.


On the other hand, when you import a purchased or cold contact list into Clickback’s email lead generation software, the data is cleaned to remove spam traps, moles and out-of-date information. This leaves you with a verified list of contacts that can now be delivered to effectively.


When you send a bulk email campaign using Clickback MAIL, you can rely on the fact that your corporate IPs and domains will never be at risk. The email marketing campaigns are delivered to your recipients using our own domains and IP addresses, so your corporate IP is never at risk.


You can also be sure that your bulk email campaigns are 100% CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR compliant.


4. Create Tailor-Made Content for Each Audience Type


To maximize the ROI of your bulk email marketing campaigns, you need to create valuable content for each specific segment of your audience. This involves a little extra work, as the days of the “batch and blast” email are over.


Personalization is a key component of a successful marketing campaign, so be sure to use personalization tokens in areas such as name and company name wherever possible. This one strategy alone is enough to make an impact on your campaigns overall success.


Try to speak your target audiences language. Brainstorm ideas based on the needs of your audience and develop a content calendar that delivers a focused, audience-appropriate message over time. Whether you’re delivering how-to tutorials, seasonal recommendations or promoting specific products, services or events, you want your content to come across as fresh and relevant to your recipients.


5. Plan your email campaign content ahead of time 


Rushing to set up and deploy email campaigns at the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Another benefit of a content calendar is that it allows you to create your emails well ahead of time.


This not only gives you ample time to set up and send your bulk email campaigns within your email lead generation software, but it also allows you to consistently schedule emails over time. This automated method to sending email campaigns will help you maintain brand awareness, generate more leads and increase ROI.


For more on how our email lead generation software can help you send bulk email campaigns, request a free demo of our software.

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