How to Dramatically Increase ROI on All Your Content At Once

How to Dramatically Increase ROI on All Your Content At Once

Return on investment (ROI) is arguably the most important factor for evaluating marketing and sales efforts. A fantastic, detailed piece of content is only worth as much as the traffic (and conversions) it brings in.  Savvy marketers will go back to their existing work and tweak and update it to generate more traffic, but you likely want to know how to increase ROI even more.


Optimizing existing content is a powerful strategy to get more out of what you’ve already done. You don’t need to spend as much time writing – a little bit of SEO optimization can go a long way.


But what about content that’s already optimized? If you’ve gone through old blog posts and primed them for SEO, optimized your website to drive conversions, and so on, you might be struggling to come up with ways to get even more out of them.


We’ve got you covered.


How to Dramatically Increase ROI on All Your Content At Once


You can get more out of every bit of content you have – without changing any of it. You’ll get more value out of everything:

  • Google Ads (and other PPC)
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Organic search traffic
  • Paid social media advertising

And anything else that drives traffic to your website. All at once, without having to edit any of it.


The trick is to use website visitor tracking software like Clickback WEB.


How to Increase ROI with Website Visitor Tracking Software

Of all of the visitors you get on your website, regardless of how they got there, only 2% will convert. With effective CRO, you can bump that up to around 4%. Any way you look at it, that’s a lot of traffic that leaves without converting.


Clickback WEB lets you see visitors to your website who didn’t convert, and provides actionable contact information for potential leads. By reaching out to opportunities that reached your website but didn’t convert, you can dramatically increase the ROI of all your content at once.


It boasts immense ROI of its own, as well. For most users, if one single lead identified becomes a customer, the software pays for itself.


It’s extremely easy to set up, as well – once you’ve created an account, you simply need to paste a snippet of code into your website’s header or footer. That’s it – the software will begin tracking website visits immediately.


You’ll get a list of companies that visited your site, as well as potential leads at those companies. You’ll even get a list of visitors in your email inbox every day.


see who visits your website

Going Deeper

At this point, you’ll already be getting a boost in overall ROI with new leads, but you can go into more detail and refine your lead generation.


By configuring a “lead criteria” setting, you can define exactly who you want to target: people in a particular industry, in certain job roles, companies above a given revenue threshold, etc. Clickback WEB will filter out potential leads that don’t meet your criteria, so you can focus on the opportunities that are most likely to buy.


You can also score each website visit based on factors like which pages they visited and for how long, which industry they’re in, how many employees the company has, and much more. This means that high-value targets will be highlighted for you to hone in on.


It also includes features for easily assigning new leads to your sales team to keep the sales cycle moving smoothly.


Try It For Free

You can get a 14-day free trial of Clickback WEB, with no obligation to purchase after the trial, and no credit card required. The trial version is identical to the purchased version, and you will receive 50 free credits (used to purchase lead contact information). You’ll have full access to customer support as well.

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