How to Generate Leads for Your Business While Saving Money

How to Generate Leads for Your Business While Saving Money

You have to generate leads if you want your business to grow. Unfortunately, lead generation efforts are often hampered by frustrating (yet necessary) budget constraints.

But this doesn’t have to be an impossible situation. Believe it or not, with a little know-how and the right Email Lead Generation software, you can generate leads and save money at the same time.

Here are 10 tips to get you started.


  1. Know Your Audience

If you don’t know who you’re trying to reach, how can you expect to generate leads? Defining your audience is step one of any successful marketing plan. Everything that follows, from list segmentation to content creation and delivery, depends on a well-defined target audience. Create buyer personas, and develop a targeted content strategy designed to generate quality B2B leads.


  1. Segment Your Lists

Once you’ve developed buyer personas, you can segment your lists for a more targeted approach. Over time, persona-sorted lists can be further segmented based on the buyer’s journey. The more finely tuned the segmentation, the more focused your message can be.


  1. Always Provide Value

Always focus on creating content that your audience will appreciate and enjoy. Remember, the idea isn’t to pitch. Instead, provide value before and after the transaction. Great content helps you to accomplish this so you can generate leads, retain existing customers and earn repeat and referral business.


  1. Meet Prospects on Their Home Turf

These days, you can generate leads almost anywhere — the trade show floor, social media, email – you name it. Go wherever the prospect prefers. But keep in mind, email generates 55 percent more sales-ready leads at a 33 percent lower cost (source: Hubspot).


  1. Monitor the Results

If you really want to generate leads and see a good ROI, you need real-time reporting and analytics to identify key performance indicators and gain insight into audience behavior and interests. This information allows you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.


  1. Don’t Put Your Eggs All in One Basket

If you want to generate leads consistently, you can’t rely solely on lead nurturing. While it keeps existing customers on the hook and helps to bring in referral leads, it’s too time-consuming to keep your funnel consistently full.


  1. Purchase Email Lists

Sometimes, you’ve got to spend money to make money. Purchasing emails allows you to grow your database quickly. And the truth is, without new leads coming into the funnel, you’ll have a tough time making money on the other end.


  1. Use Email Lead Generation Software

Never attempt to use cold contacts with a traditional email service provider or marketing automation software. If you do, your deliverability will  likely tank, your bounce rates will spike and you’ll probably lose access to your account.

Instead, use Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software. It was designed to turn cold contacts into warm B2B leads. Clickback’s software cleans data on import so you get improved deliverability and a unlimited pool of potential leads.


  1. Create an End-to-End Sales Funnel

Since Clickback’s Email Lead Generation software integrates into your existing marketing automation, or email service provider, you can use it to create a complete end-to-end chain, representative of your sales funnel. This eliminates the waste of manual data transfer between platforms, saving your company time and money.


  1. Align Sales and Marketing

Help sales and marketing work together to define marketing and sales qualified leads. With Email Lead Generation software to push leads into the appropriate funnels automatically, both departments can focus their time and effort on the most qualified leads.


To learn more about how Email Lead Generation software can help you generate leads and save money, request a free demo.

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