How to Cold Email Large Volumes of B2B Contacts (and Convert Them)

How to Cold Email Large Volumes of B2B Contacts (and Convert Them)

Cold email is one of those things that seems simple, but once you dig into it you find a lot more than expected. In theory, you just load up your list of cold contacts, assemble your email, and pull the trigger.


In reality, there’s quite a bit more to it. Email lead generation is both art and science.


Let’s look at how you can ensure you get it right every time.


How to Cold Email Large Volumes of B2B Contacts (and Convert Them)


Step 1: Your Contacts

Before we get to the actual email campaigns, it’s important to take a look at the single most crucial part of this whole process: your contact list.


One of the biggest benefits of cold email is that you can scale it as much as you want to. Want to reach 50,000 contacts? Cool. Want to make that 100,000? No problem. A million contacts? Absolutely, why not?


However, you need to pick up the right list. Just buying a random pile of contacts isn’t going to get you anywhere. Just like everything else in marketing, you need to make sure your audience targeting is on point.


That means purchasing a list of contacts that match your target audience as closely as possible. If your product is aimed at sales teams, buy a list of people who manage sales teams!


Buying contacts is already a pitfall, though, because everything starts with how good your contact list is. The best campaign in the history of the world won’t get results if you send it to the wrong people.


When you’re shopping around for contacts, bear this in mind: don’t buy a scraped list. Scrapers are bots that trawl the internet for email addresses and collect, or “scrape”, them. These lists are typically full of honeypots, spam traps, nonexistent emails, and other bad data.


On top of that, any real contacts that happen to be in there will more than likely not match your target audience in any way.


Ensure you’re buying a nice, big list of contacts from a reputable provider that aggregates their data over time instead of scraping. That way, you can get the right list for your business and set yourself up for success.


If you’re not sure where to find a reputable vendor, shoot us a message and we’ll refer you – we partner with a number of them.


Step 2: Clean Your List

Once you have your giant list of awesome contacts, it’s time to clean it up. Every email list, whether opted-in or cold, decays over time. It’s unavoidable – people leave jobs, change their domains, sometimes even repurpose their address as a spam trap.


Because of this, you should always use a list verification service before you start sending campaigns to your new contacts. These services run your contacts through a variety of filters and checks that aim to strip out as much bad data as possible, leaving you with a ready-to-send list of viable contacts.


Typically, this is a third-party service you’ll have to pay for. If you use Clickback’s email lead generation software, though, there’s a cutting-edge list verification system built into our list upload tool, so you don’t need to worry about that.



Step 3: Design Your Campaign

Now’s where you determine your goal. What action do you want your contacts to take? Most likely, that’ll come down to opting in by filling out a form.


Whatever action you’re looking for, you need to make it as easy as possible for your contacts to take. That means you need to design a landing page for your campaign. You want to avoid pointing your CTAs at your main website or product page.


A dedicated landing page is an important aspect of lead generation campaigns, because it provides a clear and easy spot for your form and gives you some space to add content that reinforces your email campaign’s message.


Once you’ve got a clear goal for your campaign, you can build messaging around it. That messaging should be the same on your landing page and in your email itself.


Create a well-written, compelling campaign. If you’re unsure how to go about writing impactful cold email content, check out our guide to cold email copywriting.


Step 4: Iterate

Once you’ve created and sent a campaign, your work isn’t done. In addition to nurturing the leads you generate, you should take advantage of Clickback’s in-depth reporting to analyze your campaign’s performance and see how it could be improved.


That way, when you send your next campaign, you can steadily improve your results and scale up your lead volume to the point where you need an even bigger list.


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