How Offline Marketing Affects Online Marketing

Offline Marketing

Online marketing has exploded over the last 20 years. And with new online tactics coming to the forefront every day, and getting considerable media attention, it’s easy to lose sight of the value of offline tactics. But that would be a mistake.

Offline tactics are still a highly important and viable way to market your company. And by combining both online and offline tactics in a single strategy with a unified message, companies can realize greater returns on their marketing investment. For this blog, we’ll go into detail about how the digital tactic of Email Lead Generation can work in tandem with offline marketing activities to drive awareness and action in your audience.

Email Lead Generation

Email Lead Generation is an important digital marketing tactic. It’s the only software in the world that protects companies from the hazards of emailing a purchased list of contacts. This software is exclusively offered by Clickback Inc, and can help B2B companies generate more business leads and increase revenues.

Email Lead Generation works great as a standalone, but can be even more effective when coupled with other lead generation or offline marketing tactics.

Combining Email Lead Generation with Offline Marketing – Event Marketing

Events are one of the best offline marketing tactics for developing relationships, presenting products or ideas, having conversations, and more. And, if your company holds events or is considering holding an event, some of the ways you might attempt to draw people to your event may include:

  • Email Marketing (to existing, opted-in leads)
  • Social Media
  • Broadcast or Print Advertising
  • Cold-Call Campaigns
  • Direct Mail

These tactics can be effective, however, only cold calls and direct mail allow you to send an individual, personalized message to a new audience – i.e. like the contacts on a purchased list. But these tactics have their drawbacks. Both direct mail and cold-calling can be quite expensive, and both are also quite time-consuming to deploy.

That’s where Email Lead Generation comes in. Email Lead Generation software is faster and far more affordable than cold-call or direct mail campaigns. With Email Lead Generation software, in a matter of hours you can create a customized message and deploy it to tens of thousands of potential event attendees. In addition, when you buy your list, you can segment it by industry, geographic region, job title, and other criteria, ensuring that only the most relevant people are receiving your Email Lead Generation messages. Email Lead Generation software also includes advanced analytics reporting, providing detailed information about all of your campaigns, and letting you set up follow-up campaigns so you can nurture your contacts into leads for your business – or attendees for your events.

Combining Email Lead Generation with Offline Marketing – Public Relations

Public relations (PR) is one of those tactics that has one foot in the offline marketing world, and one foot in the online marketing world. Regardless of where it stands, it works well in tandem with Email Lead Generation.

Because PR can often be regional – i.e. – coverage in your local newspapers, TV stations, etc. – you can create targeted Email Lead Generation campaigns that build on your PR efforts in a specific geographic area.

For example, if your company is based in New York City, and through your PR efforts, your company is profiled in your local newspapers and TV stations, you can maximize the impact of your coverage by sending an Email Lead Generation campaign on the same day or the day following your PR coverage. Because there’s the chance that your contacts have seen the coverage about your company, your email will be timely and will have increased relevance. You can also include links to your coverage, which helps to increase both your company’s credibility and the potential success rate of your Email Lead Generation campaign.

More Ways Email Lead Generation Works with Other Marketing Initiatives

A campaign, by definition, is an initiative that includes multiple elements or tactics. Email Lead Generation can work in tandem with nearly any type of marketing initiative, and can be an integral part of any marketing campaign.

By including an Email Lead Generation campaign as part of a broader marketing campaign, the individual tactics of your campaign can work together, strengthening each other, and providing greater awareness and interest in your company than any single tactic could do alone.

Getting started with Email Lead Generation is easy. Sign up for a short, complimentary demo today and see how Email Lead Generation software can help you drive your online and offline marketing.

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