How Email Lead Generation Enhances Marketing Automation and Email Marketing for Increased ROI – An End-to-End Solution.

Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation software and Email Service Providers are excellent resources for communicating with your permission-based leads. And that’s great. That’s important.

But what about all of those people who could be buying your products or services, but don’t even know you exist? What if you’ve purchased a list of contacts with the hope of emailing them to turn them into leads? Can your Marketing Automation or Email Service Provider software help you there?

The simple answer is no, they can’t. But Email Lead Generation can.

What Each Solution Offers

What is Email Lead Generation?

Email Lead Generation is a cloud-based software that allows you to use email to generate B2B leads from a purchased list. The software lets you create customized campaigns and provides advanced reporting capabilities, A/B/n Multivariate Testing, personalization options, drip marketing and integration.

Integration is the key aspect for combining Email Lead Generation with Marketing Automation or Email Service Provider campaigns. When you use Email Lead Generation, once a contact becomes a lead, the new lead’s information can be automatically integrated with your existing Marketing Automation or Email Service Provider software (or Customer Relationship Management software for that matter). This seamless sharing of information provides your sales reps with up-to-the-minute details that may include information on which products or services a lead is interested in, their level of interest, and demographics and psychographics. Having this information immediately enables your sales and marketing teams to act on the information, either working to close the sale, or using nurture or retention tactics to maintain or grow the desired level of customer involvement.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation software specializes in nurturing existing leads – not generating new ones. Users of Marketing Automation software have access to a dashboard that lets them manage and track their leads’ activity on the company’s social media sites, landing pages, websites, downloaded content, and more. Marketing Automation users can automate their responses to their leads’ activities based on where the lead is in the buying cycle. If the lead is early in the buying cycle – i.e. has viewed documentation about a specific product – an automated response to this action may be sending the person an email with additional information on the product or service that the user has shown interest in through your Marketing Automation software. If a user is late in the buying cycle – i.e. has consistently viewed all provided information – then a more aggressive call-to-action may be directed toward the lead to close the sale. Though Marketing Automation is great for nurturing your existing leads, you first have to get those leads.

What is an Email Service Provider?

Email Service Provider companies are more focused on helping you retain your existing clientele and established leads, allowing you to send customized emails to your existing leads, or permission-based clients, to help promote your company’s offerings.  Simply put, an ESP provides email marketing to opted-in or permission-based contacts.  They also provide tracking and analytics reports so you can assess your campaign’s open rates, clickthroughs, bounces and other metrics making improvements. Similar to Marketing Automation software, an Email Service Provider will not help you generate new leads for your business.

What Marketing Automation Software and Email Service Providers Can’t Do

If you use a Marketing Automation or Email Service Provider software to email your non permission-based contact – a potential lead for your business – these email providers can take a number of actions against you, including suspending or even outright banning your account.

The do-it-yourself approach is just as perilous. If you send emails to non permission-based contacts through your company’s email server, you run the risk of being labeled a spammer, which can result in your company IPs and domains being blacklisted, which can severely limit your ability to send emails to anyone, and it can take a considerable amount of time and money to either set up new IPs, or go through the process of having your domain white-listed.

So What Can You Do?

If your permission-based leads are your pool of potential customers, then your non permission-based contacts are an ocean. And email, specifically Email Lead Generation, is a proven method for filling your pool.

Why Email Lead Generation software?

A newly recognized software in the Marketing Technology Landscape, Email Lead Generation allows you to email your non permission-based contacts quickly, easily and affordably. By combining email, one of the most effective1 and best ROI-generating marketing tactics2, with the potential of a purchased list of contacts, your company has a highly specialized method of generating new leads for your business.

It’s also risk-free. All email campaigns are sent from specialized servers so that your domains and IP addresses are never in danger of being blacklisted.

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140% of B2B marketers rated the leads generated by email marketing as high quality. (Software Advice Survey)

2For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. (Experian)

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