How to Use Google Analytics for B2B Lead Generation

How to Use Google Analytics for B2B Lead Generation

Did you know that you can use Google Analytics for B2B lead generation? This free tool has been in operation since 2005 and is the most widely used web analytics service on the internet.


It’s an essential tool for marketers looking to improve website performance and conversion rate. The data provided is extremely useful for content marketing, SEO and conversion rate tracking – but did you know it also makes a great sales prospecting tool?


The Network Report feature can show you who has been visiting your website. We’re not talking just about identifying generic ISP’s either, actual companies that have shown interest in your business.


The best part is, most businesses already have the Google Analytics tracking code on their website, which means there may be some useful data sitting in there right now.


The information you uncover can be a powerful source of B2B sales leads, you just need to know where to find it.


Isn’t the Visitor Data Anonymous?


It was once thought that the data found in the free Google Analytics tool was completely anonymous, ourselves included! The truth is, there are clever ways to dig deeper into the specifics of each traffic source to uncover useful sales lead data.


Why is this visitor data valuable? Because it sheds light on the website visitors that didn’t convert on a contact form. It gives your sales teams a chance to reach out to warm prospects with some insightful information about their browsing habits.


This also presents a way to better understand the interests of companies in your target market. You can see which pages they’ve visited, and how long they spent on each one. In this post, we’ll explain how you can start uncovering the B2B leads that have visited your website using Google Analytics.


Using Google Analytics for B2B Lead Generation


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How to Use Google Analytics for B2B Lead Generation


In its most basic form, Google Analytics is a tool that gives you details about how many visitors have been to your site. It tells you where the users live, how they got there, and which pages of your site interest them most. It’s a powerful marketing tool because it helps you improve your website traffic using data-driven metrics.


However, as a sales tool – it’s less helpful. Yes, it’s great to know which pieces of content interest your visitors – but it doesn’t provide any specific, actionable information. Or does it?


The Technology category on the left-hand side of Google Analytics is where we can uncover useful lead generation details. To be more specific, it’s the Network report option in the Technology category we’re interested in. To find the Network Report, take the following report path in Google Analytics: Audience > Technology > Network


The Network report area contains specific information about users such as their service provider and visit details. The Behaviour column is of particular interest to sales teams because it paints a picture of a potential prospects business needs.


When you look at the visit details in the Network report, you’ll see a lot of generic internet service providers. This is normal. Unfortunately, the bulk of the data in this report is not useful from a sales prospecting perspective.


Network Report


The majority of your website traffic will be coming from generic ISP’s – this is typical of most B2B websites


It’s normal to have most of the visitors falling into the generic ISP categories, to find the information your sales team needs for lead generation, we need to go beyond the first 10 results shown. This is where we’ll find individual company names.


Where to Find the Actual Company Information


For our website report, the first company network identified came on page 8 (listing 84). The company sent 18 user visits to our site with 28 pages viewed. Google Analytics shows us the exact pages the company visited, as well as how long they spent on each page.


If you are unsure whether you are seeing an actual company name or an internet service provider, simply Google the name of the “company”. If the website’s meta description lists anything like “Internet Services, High-Speed Service etc.” you’ve unfortunately uncovered a pack of generic ISP’s that are not tied to a company.


secondary dimension


Set the Secondary Dimension in Google Analytics to “Page” to see which site pages the business visited


Once you’ve been able to identify an actual company that you’ve confirmed is not an ISP, select Secondary Dimension > Commonly Used > Page. This is the data we’ve been waiting for, and there are a few key areas you’ll want to pay close attention to.


B2B lead generation


The Service Provider, Page, Acquisition, and Behaviour Categories contain actionable sales prospecting data


The screenshot above is an example of the company activity you could reveal in Google Analytics. The details in the Acquisition and Behaviour columns present some exciting sales lead metrics for you to watch closely.


Company Name


This one’s obvious, but make sure that it’s an individual company, not an ISP. Expect these listings to sit below a handful of ISP’s, with less activity data. It may be helpful to set your date-range to 30 days, although this makes the visitor data less current.


Site Pages


This is perhaps the most important metric to monitor because it shows where the business interest lies. For example, a company that has visited blog posts on the topic of “website visitor tracking” and proceeded to the “pricing” page is likely to be a potential warm lead worth pursuing.


Session Duration


The session duration simply shows you how long the company spent on each page. A quick visit could indicate that the user didn’t find what they are looking for, which creates an opportunity to improve your site content catered towards businesses like the one you’ve identified.


A Better Way to Generate B2B Leads


The Clickback WEB visitor tracking software brings the warmest B2B leads to the surface, so your sales team can focus on closing, not finding leads. ISP’s are filtered out by the software, so your team has the cleanest lead generation data possible.


Identify Key Decision Makers


Clickback WEB is very different from Google Analytics – because it gives you the names and contact information of the decision makers at the companies you see. You’ll be able to quickly see which companies failed to convert on a contact form so your sales and marketing teams can follow up.


Cleaner Data


Unlike Google Analytics, we filter out the Internet Service Providers from the data your team sees. Cleaner data means that your marketing and sales teams can focus on what they do best, and not digging and sorting through useless data.


Our tool quickly isolates which businesses have been on key pages of your website, delivering valuable insights such as company size and annual revenue. You can set automations that push identified leads to your CRM for you to follow up with by email, phone or on Linkedin.


Sales Prospecting Software


Clickback WEB is the ultimate sales prospecting tool for generating B2B leads from your website. It quickly brings the warmest prospects to the attention of your sales team.


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