Go Way Beyond a Website IP Tracker – Generate Leads with Clickback WEB

Go Way Beyond a Website IP Tracker – Generate Leads with Clickback WEB

Is your sales team looking for more efficient ways to automate the lead generation process?


One of the fastest and most efficient ways to accomplish this is to start identifying your website visitors. When you’re able to see exactly who is exploring your website (not just how many), you can start tapping into a powerful resource of targeted B2B leads.


After all, the visitors that have found your website have shown an interest in your products and services. Whether they landed on your website via online search, email, or social media, they have qualified themselves as a potential prospect for your business.


How a Website IP Tracker Works


The process involves decoding the website visitors IP address to pinpoint who the anonymous visitors are. There are plenty of free tools available online to see what your company IP address is, but we’re talking about seeing the IP addresses of the companies that visit YOUR website.


A website IP tracker will reveal the traces your website visitors leave behind, but a visitor identification software like Clickback WEB can give you much more than that. It automates the lead qualifying process and heavy lifting for you, bringing the warmest potential leads to the surface.


Sales teams can receive helpful insights into the website visitors such as company size, location, and industry. This way, they can make an informed decision about who is worth pursuing.


which companies are visiting your website?


Identify Who is Visiting your Website


Clickback WEB identifies the visitors that have come to your site, and are actively researching your business solutions. This includes showing you which pages of your site they visited, and how long they spent there.


When you are able to see a comprehensive overview of your website visitor activity tied to actual companies, your sales team can make an informed decision about who they should be following up with first. You can also use the website IP address details to paint a more complete picture of your target buyer persona.


The visitors you identify are often warm B2B prospects that are currently in the early buying stages of the sales funnel. They are researching possible solutions to a challenge their business is facing.


Being able to reach out to these visitors before they move on to your competitors can be a powerful way to generate more B2B leads. Studies have shown that 50% of sales opportunities go to the first salesperson who contacts the prospect.


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Go Beyond the IP Address for Key Company Details


An IP address, location, and industry will only get you so far. Yes, it’s great to get an overview of the types of business exploring your website. But busy sales teams need specific details about their prospects to reach out with a targeted approach.


Our website visitor identification software will quickly present you with the details your team needs to qualify and score leads based on interest such as:


  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Company Size
  • Annual Revenue


Then, when you have narrowed down the contacts that your business value most, you can purchase the complete contact details of the visitors. This includes names of the decision makers at the company, their email address, and phone number.


You’ll no longer have to make guesses about which companies you should pursue. With Clickback WEB, you’ll never make a cold call again.


A Website IP Tracker on Steroids


You may have discovered ways to use Google Analytics to see some of the companies that have visited your website. The problem with this method is, the data is very limited, and the process is time-consuming.


Not to mention, diving into a website analytics tool is not something most salespeople are comfortable with (If you’re feeling ambitious, have a look at our guide to uncovering IP addresses in Google Analytics).


Website IP tracker


Clickback WEB gives you a powerful overview of the businesses that are on your site


The best IP tracker for your sales team is one that does the hard work for them. The key details about potentially warm prospects rise to the surface, so they can focus on what they do best, selling!


Using a website IP tracker on your website can be an incredible way to scale your B2B lead generation efforts, with very little effort. Instead of waiting patiently for leads to trickle in on a contact form, start reaching out to warm prospects with an arsenal of key information about who you’re talking to.


Visitor Identification Software for B2B Lead Generation


Go way beyond a simple website IP tracker, and start uncovering the important details about the companies visiting your website. Clickback WEB turns your company website into a sales prospecting tool for accelerated lead generation.


Your team will know the moment a targeted company returns to your website. It gives you the power to create a custom “watch list” of the key companies and contacts you want to connect with.


Easily assign new leads to your sales team to keep the sales funnel continuously topped up. Your sales department will receive a list of new potential prospects each morning in their inbox, meaning they’ll never have to make a “cold” call again.


How Clickback WEB works:


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“I audited other top website visitor identification software solutions but Clickback WEB just brought more to the table. It lets you export multiple leads at a time, and it has a more robust reporting tool. Overall, it’s a great addition to our marketing tech stack.”

– Cyrus Karimi  |  VP, Search & Affiliate Marketing, Media Horizons


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