Is Your B2B Business Using Lead Tracking Software?

Is Your B2B Business Using Lead Tracking Software?

Is your business using lead tracking software on your website to identify, nurture and close anonymous visitors? If not, you might be losing thousands of warm prospects to your competitors.


In this post, we’ll tell you how deploying a website visitor identification software on your site can be the difference between a pipeline that’s totally topped up, and one that has run completely dry.


Why you need to start tracking leads on your website


When it comes to generating inbound marketing leads for your business, it’s all about converting the visitors on your website. For B2B companies, some of the warmest potential leads are exploring the quality content you have provided on your site.


Many of them are in the early buying stages of the sales cycle, learning more about your unique solutions to their problems. Unfortunately, most of these anonymous visitors will never convert into a paying customer. In fact, almost 98 percent of website visitors leave without ever filling out a form.


That means that these early-stage leads come and go without leaving a trace, and you haven’t gained any knowledge about their companies or their buyer persona. If your sales funnel has run dry, it can be especially painful to think about the number of potential leads that are now lost in cyberspace.


For B2B businesses, identifying website visitors using a lead tracking software is one of the most effective ways to quickly start generating outbound sales leads.


Standard web analytics provide minimal insight into these disappearing prospects. If you want to know how to generate leads for your business, you have to be willing to go beyond traditional analytics. A lead tracking software tool can provide a healthy dose of lead generation to your current B2B marketing tech stack.


prospect buyer persona


Website lead tracking software


A lead tracking software tool on your website can tell you where the leads came from, and provide an accurate profile of your target customer. It gives you a chance to recover some of the lost leads that didn’t convert. It tracks the breadcrumbs your visitors have left behind to uncover which companies and industries are most interested in your solutions.


Clickback WEB is a website visitor identification software that gives you the power to identify your anonymous website visitors. It uses their unique IP address to pull the useful contact information and industry details that your sales team needs to reach out. This is the information sales teams need to keep their pipeline topped up with quality B2B leads.


All of the pertinent information is there, such as:


  • Company Names
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Revenue
  • Contact Information
  • Job Titles


Although our software lets you create useful reports and export the data to your CRM, the interface itself is a great place to explore and organize new B2B leads. The lead filtering options allow you to get a powerful overview of the specific companies browsing your site. You’ll quickly be able to see the records identified that meet your targeted criteria.


features of Clickback WEB


Lead management for sales teams


Uncovering new leads is great, but without a quick and efficient way to share the information with your team, opportunities and warm prospects can fall through the cracks. Our software includes the lead management tools you need roll this process out to your entire sales team. You can easily set your lead distribution settings, including assigning lead owners, and the type of action to take when triggered.


The advanced reporting features of Clickback WEB provide you with the details your team needs to fully understand how many leads are available, and exactly how many companies are identified. The reports allow you to make smarter lead tracking decisions and paint a clear picture of your ROI.


Lead velocity is essential for growth, which is why our software was built to deliver a steady stream of warm B2B leads to your sales team. Clickback WEB will push new leads to your inbox on a daily basis via the daily digest. Simply scan the previous day’s visitors and decide which leads are worth pursuing.


Use insightful tracking data on your anonymous website visitors to effectively move them through the sales funnel.


Sales Funnel


Easily export data to your CRM


A lead tracking tool needs to integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM so sales can focus on what they do best, selling! Thanks to its sales-friendly interface and controls, you can export multiple contacts from Clickback WEB into your customer relationship management tool of choice quickly and easily.


Our software was developed by sales professionals, for sales professionals. We’ve built our lead tracking software with the features that our own sales team needs to grow and manage our lead generation efforts. Whether you use Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, or something else entirely, you’ll have the lead data you need to close the deal.


Optimizing your sales process to zero-in on actions the drive leads to close is vital for accelerated growth. Clickback WEB gives you the tools needed to swiftly understand which leads are worth pursuing, so you can push them through the sales funnel.


Lead scoring and filtering


Lead scoring is a way of ranking prospects based on a perceived value the lead represents to your business. It’s a widely used inbound marketing strategy, that’s also extremely valuable when it comes to an outbound approach. A little bit of work upfront saves you time later, as qualified leads that possess the traits of your top prospect are separated from the crowd.


Clickback WEB also lets you track returning visitors and monitor past website behavior, so you can really gain insight into a lead’s level of interest. This is a handy tool for marketing teams, as they can use the data to optimize the user experience of your website based on the actions of your target customers.


Its automated notifications help you monitor specific companies more closely, by alerting you when they trigger an important action. An example of this trigger would be a qualified lead returning to the pricing page of your website for the second time. Lead tracking software saves you time by understanding exactly what to look for and letting you know when its time to reach out.

Try the Clickback WEB software

Only purchase the leads you want


You can purchase leads directly within the software for instant access to the contact information of key industry decision-makers. Leads are scored based on a number of key criteria, so there’s no guesswork involved in qualifying leads. If it’s worth your while to pursue a particular contact record, you’ll know it.


Since Clickback WEB integrates seamlessly with existing CRM and sales and marketing tools, such as Clickback MAIL, you can automatically feed warm leads to marketing while fast-tracking sales-ready leads.


You’ll never have to worry about accidentally purchasing duplicate contacts. Simply upload your existing database so our software can monitor your existing contacts and prevent potential duplications from occurring. You can even filter out your competition, so you don’t waste time on dead-end leads.


Accelerated B2B lead generation


An effective lead tracking software tool must integrate with your CRM and include the lead management features that sales teams need to automate the process. It can help your team make better sales decisions, without letting prospects go cold. Untapped lead sources can be uncovered, and future sales opportunities are born.


Clickback is a lead generation company that specializes in accelerated growth for B2B businesses. Our lead tracking software identifies the anonymous visitors on your website and is a proven way to manage and grow B2B leads. To learn more about Clickback WEB, please visit the frequently asked questions page.


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This article was originally published on October 14th, 2016, and updated on April 26, 2018

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