5 Ways to Use FOMO During Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

5 Ways to Use FOMO During Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Have you ever been casually scrolling your social media of choice, and spotted a limited-time deal that was just too good to pass up – but only available for the next few hours?


You weren’t shopping, maybe you weren’t even really thinking about buying that product. But when you see that excellent deal with its time limit, you suddenly think “Oh, maybe I really should buy it now before the deal ends!” This phenomenon is called fear of missing out, or FOMO, and it’s a common experience brought about by the rise of social media.


FOMO is also a tactic that, when leveraged correctly, can be a powerful tool for marketers. Giving someone a timeline on a promotion or letting them know that a product is running out quickly can be extremely effective in getting them to go from consideration to purchase relatively quickly.


This is a tactic that we’ve seen used effectively in the B2C realm with events like Amazon’s Prime Day, or Cyber Monday, but FOMO can (and should) be leveraged for B2B buyers as well.


After all, B2B decision makers are human, with a fear of missing out like anyone else.


5 Ways to Use FOMO During Your Next Email Marketing Campaign


We want to first mention that FOMO as a tactic should be handled delicately. FOMO has the capacity to trigger negative emotions in someone. If someone feels like they’re going to miss out on something, it could result in feelings of jealousy or disappointment.


That said, when handled appropriately, that feeling of jealousy can be a strong motivator for someone who wasn’t previously ready to make a purchasing decision.


After all, how many times have you received an email saying that a sale is only going to last the weekend, prompting you to at least click through to the company’s website? Our guess is at least a couple.


FOMO has the power to make people uneasy, but when used correctly, and with the right intentions, can result in a spike of B2B leads.


1.      Offer a Limited Time Promotion

Emailing a prospect about a promotion that’s only going to last a short time creates a sense of urgency. This can mean the difference between them keeping you on the back burner and making a decision right away.


The psychology of this one is simple. Everyone likes a deal, and if they were considering you already, your services at a slightly discounted price could be just the thing to tip someone over the edge.


This tactic doesn’t just have to be for a discount either. Offering a one day only webinar and implementing visuals like a countdown timer are great ways to add urgency to your email campaigns.



2.      Use Your Testimonials

FOMO, at its core, is the sensation of not wanting to miss out on something great that other people are experiencing. What better way to show your audience that they might be missing out on something than by having your current happy customers tell them directly?


Creating an email campaign revolving around the positive things your customers have to say about you could spark the right kind of jealousy in your potential prospects.


The mentality of wanting to experience a product or service that has made someone else’s life easier isn’t a new tactic for marketers, but it’s a tried and true one that remains effective.


3.      Make it Exclusive

Everybody loves belonging to something exclusive, and your offerings are no different. Creating a message that goes out to your subscribers offering them an exclusive promotion, or exclusive access to a set of gated content can trigger your recipient’s FOMO and encourage them to pull the trigger and sign up.


This is a good time to use your list segmentation to your advantage and send exclusive offers to people who have been receiving your emails without converting for a while.


4.      FOMO – Front and Centre

You don’t have to hide the fact that you’re using FOMO to your advantage, in fact in some cases it could behoove you to be clear with your intentions.


Explicitly calling out that your prospect will miss out on something in your email body could cause someone to take action to avoid missing out.  This is a great strategy to use as a potential ‘last email’ message.


Telling someone who hasn’t yet responded or clicked a link in your messages that you won’t be emailing them any longer might make them re-evaluate how they’ve been engaging with your emails up to this point.


They may have just been putting off visiting your site because other things have gotten in the way.


Their fear of no longer receiving your offers can encourage them to finally click through to your website, or at the very least, opt-in to continue receiving your emails until they’re primed to purchase.


Either way, you’ll have a better indication of how far along their journey they are, and whether you need to adjust your strategy for that contact.


5.      Experiment with Expiring Content

At first glance, this might sound like a marketing no-no. As digital marketers, the goal is often to create evergreen content that you can reference forever, use for internal links to guide people through your website, and refresh down the line to improve your SEO.


However, expiring content can be a useful strategy when it comes to getting people to act in an emergent way. Emailing a contact about a post or video that won’t be around forever can be hugely effective at receiving a spike of web traffic that you can use to increase conversions.


It’s easy to see the impact of FOMO with something as ubiquitous as Snapchat, an app designed purely around the idea that you get to view something on a time limit before it goes away forever.


In many ways, this is FOMO at its purest – people want to be involved in a photo or video exchange before the opportunity is lost.


As an email marketer, your job may be a little more involved than getting people to snap photos back and forth with one another, but it’s not impossible.


Clickback allows you to send cold email to potentially thousands of contacts, and presenting them with the idea that they might be missing out on a major opportunity may be just the push they need to engage with your offerings.


Find out how you can utilize FOMO to take your cold email campaigns up a notch. Sign up for a free demo with one of our experts today.


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