How Buying Email Marketing Lists Can Skyrocket Your Lead Gen

How Buying Email Marketing Lists Can Skyrocket Your Lead Gen

The blog ‘How Buying Email Marketing Lists Can Skyrocket Your Lead Gen’ was originally written in 2019. It has been reworked and modernized for 2021.


Buying email marketing lists is an approach that many marketers are wary of. And understandably so – a quick search shows articles explaining why it’s a bad idea, that it can destroy your email marketing and you should never do it.


What these articles are talking about is spam, and on that particular topic, they’re right.


When it comes to B2B, though, buying email marketing lists is not only a viable approach, it’s an incredibly effective one. We’re going to show you how to do it right, step-by-step.


How Buying Email Marketing Lists Can Skyrocket Your Lead Gen


The first thing we’re going to look at is why you should consider buying email marketing lists. There are a number of compelling reasons to deploy outbound email to a purchased list.


You can reach a wide audience that is also specifically targeted.  The idea is that purchasing a list of contacts with the key qualities of your buyer persona means that your email reaches a large volume of contacts who are more likely to convert. These are contacts who reasonably would search for the content you send to them.


Outbound email also has incredible potential for lead generation. If you keep your recipient list full of high-quality contacts, you can bring in leads at a rate that inbound marketing can’t match.


Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The reason that people are typically wary of sending to a purchased email list is because there are mistakes you can make that will negatively impact your performance.


Perhaps the most daunting risk is falling victim to lists with bad data. If you send to lists containing bad or outdated email addresses, you’re going to run into trouble. Some of the factors that could cause problems are:

  • High bounce rates
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Low engagement
  • Spam traps

Email lists put together using scraping tools will be full of harmful data, and sending to them will ruin your sender reputation, and put you at risk of getting blacklisted.


You can avoid these problems by doing two things: purchasing your lists from a reputable data provider and having your list checked and verified before you send to it. Check out this excellent article on The Sharper Pixel for more information about where to buy professionally vetted email lists.


Additionally, Clickback partners with several reputable data providers who would be able to set you up with a high-quality email list. Feel free to reach out at any time for more info.


There are clear advantages to having a list of legitimate contacts that are aligned with your business. Aside from increasing your deliverability, you’ll know exactly the sort of audience who will be receiving your email. This means you can create effective messaging, driving your open and conversion rates.


You also won’t risk damaging your sender score or having your IPs and domains blacklisted.


The second major problem you’ll be confronted with is how to send to your list. Most email providers won’t even let you upload a large list of contacts at all.


The reason for this is that they often share IPs and domains among their clients, so if one customer sent to a list with bad data, it would put their service for other customers at risk as well.


Likewise, most marketing automation is designed for opted-in lists, and won’t let you send in bulk.


The solution for this is to use a bulk email sender, an email platform that allows mass email sending to large lists. The question is: which one to use?



What to Do With Your Email Marketing List

Once you’ve purchased an email list from a reputable data vendor, you need to select the right platform to use.


Clickback is an email platform designed specifically for cold email campaigns, and offers many features beyond just supporting bulk email sending.


Remember how we mentioned earlier that it’s important to get your list verified? Clickback does that for you every time you import a list. Every single contact is run through a series of filters and hygiene checks so that you can be sure you’re only sending to the highest-quality recipients. It cuts out bad email addresses, honeypots and spam traps to ensure high deliverability.


So far, you’ve got two layers of security in place to protect your sender reputation: you bought a targeted email marketing list from a reputable provider, and ran it through rigorous hygiene checks. Our software adds another layer to that.


Clickback uses its own dedicated IP addresses to send your outbound campaigns. This means that you don’t need to worry about harming your sender score or having your IPs blacklisted. When you use our software to send to a cold list, your sender reputation is safeguarded.


There are features in place to make sure your email campaigns are primed for success before they even get sent, as well. Clickback will automatically check your email content to make sure it doesn’t set off typical “spam” red flags.


Its built-in email authoring and editing tool is powerful as well. It includes everything you need to design and run a successful cold email campaign, including detailed reporting.


How to Create Successful Cold Campaigns

There’s a lot to consider when adopting a cold email strategy. You might be tempted to regard it as a completely isolated process, separate from your opted-in lists and inbound content. Instead, think of your cold campaigns as an extension to the top of your funnel.


If you approach outbound email as a way to keep your funnel topped up, rather than as an entirely separate funnel, you’ll end up with a more fluid and synergized marketing machine.


This means you shouldn’t just think of cold email campaigns as a way to drive sales. The contacts you’re reaching are the most top-of-funnel leads you can get, so don’t try to force them down the whole funnel in one go.


Use cold email campaigns to drive more leads to the top of your opted-in marketing automation, and then nurture them towards a purchase. Check out How to Craft the Perfect Cold Email for a guide on crafting top-notch cold email content that converts.


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