The Anatomy of a Successful Email Campaign: Email Marketing List Management

The Anatomy of a Successful Email Campaign: Email Marketing List Management

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Email marketing lists can operate similarly to a garden, metaphorically speaking. Marketers tend to them with frequent maintenance, clean-ups, and ultimately, want to see them grow and flourish. Email marketing lists are the roots for your entire email lead generation campaign, that’s why marketers need to have a “green thumb” when it comes to list management.

Here’s a quick guide for marketers on how to effectively maintain and grow your email lists:


Think of your subscribers.

Your subscribers have chosen to receive information from you – that’s the first major hurdle in lead generation! But the worst thing you can do is exploit that trust by sending them absolutely everything you’ve got in high frequency. Careful! Don’t scare the subscribers! Econsultancy found that approximately 66% of email users say “frequency” is the main reason they unsubscribe. So part of maintaining a healthy, and loyal, list is by giving your subscribers ONLY what they want. You’ll be in compliance with CANSPAM (CASL) regulations too – meaning you’ve told your subscribers exactly what they’ll receive, and you aren’t taking liberties with that consent.


Re-engage or disengage.

Subscribers that have totally disengaged with your email marketing campaigns are ultimately a detriment to a clean and healthy list. It’s an intangible detachment, they’re still subscribed and have valid email addresses, but they haven’t bothered to open or read anything in a long, long time. What’s the harm in that? Although passive aggressive, their disengagement will hurt your sender reputation and are definitely not helping your email marketing metrics. Give them a chance to re-engage with a re-engagement email campaign. Send this targeted campaign to subscribers who haven’t opened or clicked on your emails in 6-12 months. Asking them if they still want your emails will help you purge the disengaged but additionally, will do wonders for your brand. Be known as a brand that notices, and cares, about your subscribers instead of robotically sending emails they don’t read (or want).


Perform regular health checks.

Keep an eye on your bounces (hard and soft) – they are often a sign of an unhealthy list. Studies show that you can expect up to 25% list drop off each year. Yikes! Most of the time, this has nothing to do with you, it’s due to things like people changing jobs, or companies going out of business. A regular list purge of old, or invalid emails is a hygiene “must-do”. Hard and soft bounces are more than just a number, they impact your sender reputation… and your reputation affects your ability to reach inboxes. You can ensure your list is healthy before you send a campaign with the Clickback MAIL list hygiene feature. This function is incredibly popular among marketers because risk checks will eliminate bad email addresses so as not to affect deliverability or sender score.


Gold stars for quality over quantity.

It’s a cliche because it’s true. As with many things in life, list quality is more important than quantity in email marketing. Use growth tactics that focus on that, like subscription-based programs, referral or loyalty campaigns, and highly reputable email list purchasing.

Sustainable growth takes time, and TLC. An email marketer with a “green thumb” will use these tactics and more to ensure that their lists are helping them deliver results that flourish over time.

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