Why Your Email Click Rate is Terrible & How to Fix It

Why Your Email Click Rate is Terrible & How to Fix It

Every marketer has experienced it – you put together an email campaign with a great subject line, strong content, and fire it off. Then you lean back and watch the leads come in.


Except they don’t. When you dive into your reporting to figure out what went wrong, you see your click rate sitting at rock-bottom.


It’s not uncommon, but don’t worry – we’re here to help you fix the problem.


Why Your Email Click Rate is Terrible & How to Fix It

While your open rate – the percentage of your emails that get opened – is a strong indicator for how good your subject line is, it’s your click rate that really communicates how successful your email’s content is.


Click rate, or clickthrough rate, is the percentage of emails you sent in your campaign that the recipient opened and then clicked. It’s a key metric in determining how successful your campaigns are.


Is My Click Rate Low?

When it comes to email marketing metrics, context is important. If you’re using an opt-in model, the average click rate is around 7%.


If you’re leveraging cold email marketing, on the other hand, the average click rate is lower – somewhere around 3%. This is due to the nature of your recipients, which we’ll cover more closely in a moment.


If your click rate is at or below these averages, it’s worth looking into ways to improve, which we’ve collected for you here.


Improve Your Click Rate By…


Qualifying Your Recipients.

If the people receiving your email aren’t the right targets for your product or offering, the best email campaign content in the world won’t do you much good.


For opt-in campaigns, this means refining your method of contact capture. It’s crucial that the people you’re targeting are the right people, which means evaluating the forms you’re using to generate sign-ups.


Depending on your offerings, it may be worth targeting people in a specific industry or demographic. Your goal is to segment potential subscribers into the ones who would get the most value from your offerings.


For cold campaigns, it’s equally important to have a crystal-clear buyer persona in mind. Once you have that, you need to purchase your list from a reputable data provider, and make sure the list you purchase matches the buyer persona you defined.


It’s also important to run your list through an email list verification service, to remove any bad data, spam traps, honeypots, etc. This will help your emails reach real inboxes.


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… Improving Your Content.

Once your target audience is clearly defined, the next step is to ensure your email’s content is top-notch.


Having created a buyer persona for your target audience, you’ll have identified their pain points and how your product solves those pain points. Using this information, you should match your email content to the needs of your audience.


This is the biggest factor in increasing your click rate – how well your message resonates with the reader. You can emphasize this by following a few tips:


  • Be concise. Get to the point quickly and clearly. You don’t want to tax your reader’s attention span.
  • Personalize your message. Build as much information about the recipient as you can into your message – especially their first name and company name. People respond much more positively to a message that they perceive as being written just for them.
  • Talk about them, not you. Change your angle so that you’re talking about your reader’s problem and how it can be solved, instead of talking about your product and how great it is.
  • Don’t oversell. If your message comes off as overly sales-y, it can turn the reader off. Focus on the value you’re providing, not the sale you’re hoping to eventually make.


… Using Calls-to-Action.

It seems simple, but can be very easy to get wrong. A call-to-action is anything you use to directly prompt the reader to perform a particular action. This is typically a simple text hyperlink or a button.


Things like “Read The Blog Post”, “Try for Free”, “Download Now”, or whatever the particular desired action is, are examples of what you might find in a CTA.


The best CTAs are ones that make it easy for the reader to take an action they’re already inclined towards because of your content.


Experiment with CTA placement. The traditional placement is at the bottom of the email copy, but – like every aspect of your content – it’s important to test different approaches and determine what performs best.




… Balancing Your Send Frequency.

If you’re sending too many emails to the same recipients, your campaigns will suffer from audience fatigue. If you’re not sending enough, you’ll lose engagement and interest.


The trick is to find the point where your recipients are at peak engagement. Do this by testing different send frequencies and times of day.


The reason that testing is necessary is that every audience reacts uniquely to email frequencies, and has different optimal times for email effectiveness. You’ll achieve best results by testing and tailoring your email cadences according to the needs of your audience.



… Optimizing Your Emails.

A large proportion of emails are being read on mobile devices these days. If your email isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re cutting out a significant volume of potential readers.


Approximately 19% of opt-in subscribers’ clicks come from mobile devices. Your email marketing is already asking them to take time out of their day to read it – if they have to repeatedly pinch-and-zoom to try to make sense of your message, they simply won’t bother.


Whatever the percentage of your opens are mobile, not having a responsive email template is definitely detrimental to your clickthrough rate, and taking the time to ensure your email is beautiful in desktop and mobile views is well worth it.



Ensure Your Emails Reach Inboxes, Not Spam Folders

The best click rate optimization in the world doesn’t help you much if nobody actually gets the emails you’re sending. For that to happen, your campaigns need to be reaching inboxes, not spam folders.


That’s where Clickback MAIL comes in. It’s an email platform designed with cold email deliverability in mind, and packed with powerful, unique features.


Remember how earlier we mentioned that it’s critical to run your list through an email verification service? Clickback MAIL comes with one built in.


Every time you upload a list, the software automatically performs a series of thorough, robust hygiene checks to strip away invalid addresses, spam traps, honey pots and other bad data. This dramatically increases your delivery rate.


It has a whole lot more to offer, too. See for yourself with a 1-on-1 demo of the software!


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