What Effective B2B Email Marketing Looks Like

What Effective B2B Email Marketing Looks Like

It’s certainly been a rollercoaster of a year for marketers everywhere. We’ve had to adapt to a whole new paradigm, and digital marketing is a major part of that.

With so many businesses making the switch to primarily digital marketing, the overall landscape of marketing has shifted.

Email’s always been a key component in many marketers’ strategy. It’s been around for a long time, and isn’t going anywhere soon. In fact, quite the opposite – it’s going to be crucial in 2021.

Nurturing Existing Leads

Of course, email is perfectly suited to nurturing the leads you’ve already got in your funnel. With more and more businesses focusing on email marketing, though, you can safely assume your contacts’ inboxes are already pretty stuffed.

That means you need to really stand out from the crowd just to get your email noticed. To do that, you need a killer subject line. The best ones clearly communicate exactly what awesome stuff the contact will find inside your email.

The real key isn’t the subject line, or even the aforementioned awesome content of your emails (whatever that may be). It’s providing the right content. The most compelling emails that hit my inbox, the ones I can’t help but open and look at, are the ones that directly address a challenge I’m currently facing.

Understanding your target audience is absolutely critical, whether you’re nurturing existing leads or generating new ones. When you’ve targeted the right pain points with high-value content, and clearly told them that’s what they’ll find in your email, you’ll get those opens.

Generate New Leads

Reaching your target audience – and doing it early – has never been more important. Inbound marketing is slow and incredibly cutthroat, with the SERPs dominated by heavy-hitters and saturated with content. While it’s still absolutely worth pursuing, it’s not going to get you the sharp influx of leads you might need.

Email lead generation provides a way you can reach your B2B target audience en masse, and early enough that your company’s name is in mind even if they aren’t in the market for your solution at this very moment.

While it’s already an advantage, easily reaching your target audience before the competition is going to become even more impactful. Businesses who had to pivot to a more heavily digital-marketing-focused strategy have found their stride. Given the global economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses need a marketing strategy that can generate large volumes of leads in short order.

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Clickback’s email lead generation software is built to do exactly that. It enables you to send large-scale cold email marketing campaigns to targeted B2B contacts, so you can get your message out to your target audience quickly and effectively.

Here’s how it works: all you need (besides the software) is a good-quality list of targeted cold contacts. Ensure that you source it from a reputable data provider that doesn’t use scraped lists – if you’re unsure where to get a high-quality, targeted list, drop us a line. We partner with a number of excellent vendors and are happy to refer you.

Once you’ve got your list, you upload it to the Clickback platform. Our cutting-edge list verification system automatically performs a series of in-depth hygiene checks, validation processes and filters in order to remove bad data.

Any email list will contain addresses that are no longer in use or have been repurposed as spam traps, for example. Cleaning out your list is a crucial step you need to take before using that list. Clickback handles that for you, though.

Then you simply assemble your email campaign using our easy drag-and-drop editor, and you’re ready to rock.

Of course, there’s more to creating a successful campaign than just the software you use. Cold email is a different beast than opted-in, and it’s a good idea to brush up on cold email copywriting strategies as well.

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