What’s the best way to approach cold website visitor leads with Clickback WEB?

What’s the best way to approach cold website visitor leads with Clickback WEB?

Clickback WEB gives you more than just the company names, it gives you the opportunity to purchase the full contact details of the leads you uncover. This means that your sales team can use this information to reach out to specific contacts using their method of choice.


For some, this will be reaching out with a private message on LinkedIn. For others, a (not-so) cold call is preferred. The point is, no matter which way you choose to follow up with a prospect discovered using Clickback WEB, you’ll have an insightful backstory on the lead and what interests them.


In this post, we’ll cover some fantastic ways to maximize the lead generation potential of the contacts you uncover using our visitor tracking software, Clickback WEB.


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Track companies and Industry Trends


Clickback WEB gives you a window into the hidden activity that’s happening on your website. This means having the ability to see which companies are spending time on specific pages of your website, and how long they were there.


This level of website visitor tracking can have a profound impact on your sales and marketing team’s overall strategy. Clickback WEB allows you to set notifications on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to alert you when a targeted company visits or returns to your site.


You’ll easily be able to filter the data to isolate which category the company visits fall into such as competitors, suppliers or potential prospects. The lead scoring and filtering features of Clickback WEB are a powerful way to streamline your lead generation efforts.


Contacting leads you find on LinkedIn


Because Clickback WEB gives you the opportunity to reveal the actual contacts at a company (including their full name and email address), you’ll be able to find many of your leads on LinkedIn. Many B2B professionals have spent a lot of time and effort optimizing their LinkedIn profile and building their professional network.


Linkedin Leads


“Follow your current clients and prospects. Spend two minutes each day looking up your current clients and top prospects. Find out whether they have a company page. If they do, follow and monitor it.” – inc.com


If this is your business networking platform of choice, it only makes sense to leverage your authority and reputation in this space for lead generation. Not only do you have the names of the employees at the company, but also which pages of your website they visited.


Arm your sales technique with this additional information when reaching out. After all, Clickback WEB has given you a head start in terms of your understanding of their business needs. For example, if a prospect has read several blog posts on a certain topic, chances are it’s a good idea to include it in your communication with them.


Connecting with leads using Email


Cold email is another great way to reach out to the leads you uncover using Clickback WEB. The beauty of this method is, the contact isn’t really cold anymore. You’ll know important details about the recipient such as their job title, business interests, and more.


That’s because you’ve seen their activity on your website.


You’ll be able to put yourself in the prospect’s shoes by addressing the pain-points they’ve indicated through their browsing history. For example, if they spent 10-minutes reading your blog post about “how to generate more leads from your website”, it’s a good sign that they’ll be more engaged with an email that answers this.


Set yourself apart from your competitors by speaking the contacts language. Use industry-specific terms that quickly let the reader know that you have done your homework. By tailoring your cold email to their specific business needs, you can increase your chance of a response.


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Cold Calling


Cold calling can be difficult, especially when you’ve got very little information about the prospect your calling. The cold calling experts recommend that you focus all of your questions on the client, and not yourself. This is where having insightful knowledge about your prospect can come in very handy.


“Focus all of your questions on your client, not yourself” – Brian Tracey


Instead of wasting precious time asking discovery questions about your client to paint a better picture of their needs, you can address the issues you’ve observed through their companies browsing history. The visit history and duration details delivered by Clickback WEB will tell a story about your cold prospect, so they’re not so cold anymore.


Quickly Identify Warm B2B Leads using Clickback WEB


How many potential leads have come to your website and left without filling out a contact form? Statistics show that 98% of your website traffic never contact you – leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table.


Our visitor tracking software uncovers early-stage leads, by notifying your sales team when a targeted company returns to your website. It allows you to create a custom “watch list” of the key companies and contacts you want to connect with.


Use the detailed visitor click paths to discover exactly which pages of your site a company has been on, and for how long. Then, use this insightful knowledge to your advantage when the time comes to reach out to these cold website visitor leads.


Our on-going email and phone support are here to help your team get the maximum value from our software. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Clickback WEB, and uncover the warm B2B leads you’ve been missing.


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