5 Cold Sales Email Templates You Can Steal (And Why They Work)

5 Cold Sales Email Templates You Can Steal (And Why They Work)

There’s no bigger or better tool in the salesperson’s kit than email when it comes to bringing prospects closer to a purchase.


Getting people on the phone generally has a higher conversion rate, but nothing beats email for reach and impact.


Creating a completely new email each and every time you reach out quickly gets tiring. These templates will make it easier – they’re built around tried-and-true methods that get results.


5 Cold Sales Email Templates You Can Steal (And Why They Work)


We’ll also give you a breakdown of why each template works, so you can take those concepts and build your own.


You’re welcome to take these and tweak them as necessary. We won’t judge.


Template 1: KISS

If you haven’t run into this acronym before, KISS stands for “keep it simple, stupid”, and it’s a great philosophy for anything, not just sales.


Hi [their name], 

I’m [your name], with [your company].


I think you could get a lot of use from [your product]. It’s designed to [key benefit], so you can [how it makes their life better].


Could we book a quick 10-minute call sometime next week? I’ll show you what I mean and why I think [their company] specifically could really make good use of it.


Why It Works: Brevity is the key factor here. Many professionals – especially ones with the clout to make a purchase – get a heap of cold emails every day. If yours takes two seconds to scan and clearly communicates your message, you’ll cut through the noise.


Filled-Out Example:


Hi Jacob,  

I’m Kevin, with Acme.


I think you could get a lot of use from a software tool we recently launched. It’s designed to make creating and maintaining documentation much easier, so you can effortlessly keep track of changes and stop wrestling with awkward formatting.


Could we book a quick 10-minute call sometimes next week? I’ll show you what I mean and why I think Example Inc, specifically, could really make good use of it.


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Template 2: Cite Concrete Results

Salespeople can make all the big claims in the world, but prospects might well be skeptical if you can’t back it up with some hard numbers.


Hi [their name], 

I’m [your name], with [your company].


I want to help you get even more customers. We’ve helped other companies in [their industry] 3-4x their sales over 90 days, and I believe we can achieve similar results for [their company].


If that’s something you’re interested in, I’d love to set up a time to walk you through just how we can do that. Here’s a link to my calendar – pick any time that works for you!


Why It Works: Following the same “keep it simple” premise, but backing it up with actual numbers, is much more convincing. It goes from a vague “we can help you improve” to a more concrete “here are the results I think we can get for you”.


If your claim is plausible (and it should absolutely be something you could realistically deliver), you’ll pique their interest.



Template 3: Provide Proof

This template takes the previous one up a notch. If citing numbers is good, presenting actual customer case studies is better.


Hi [their name], 

I’m [your name], with [your company].


Our goal is to help companies like [their company] grow by working with you to grow your funnel. I’d like to share some case studies of companies in [their industry].


  • Example Inc boosted their lead growth by 320% in two months.
  • Acme doubled their sales in 90 days.


If these are the kind of results you’d like to see, let’s get on a quick 15-minute call and chat. Here’s my calendar, pick whatever time suits you best.


Why It Works: Now you’ve gone beyond making big claims – you’re proving you can back them up. Providing case studies (with links to the documents, of course) is a very convincing way of encouraging your prospects to take interest.


Of course, this requires a little more preparation in that you need to also have case studies prepared. They’re an incredibly valuable tool, though, so if you don’t yet have any, it’s worth considering.



Template 4: AIDA

The “attention, interest, desire, action” formula is a classic copywriting approach that works really well for email, too. The idea is that you first get their attention, then explain why your offer should interest them, followed by building their desire for it, and lastly show them how to take action to get that benefit.


Hi [their name], 

If you could double your monthly sales, would you do it?


That’s the sort of result we’ve been able to provide our [their industry] clients.


Don’t take my word for it though – here’s a case study where our client doubles their sales in 90 days. And another client that saw 320% lead growth in two months.


I’d love to show you how we could do that for [their company], too. Do you have some free time next week for a quick demo? Here’s my calendar.


Why It Works: It’s quick and punchy. It delivers concrete numbers backed up by case studies of relevant companies in the same industry. It provides a way for them to connect easily.



Template 5: Value for Free

Handing someone a valuable resource for free is a great way to make a positive impression.


Hi [their name], 

Blogging is a great tool, but there’s always ways to make it even better.


If you’re looking for ways to boost your blog audience, check out this handy cheat sheet: 8 Creative Ways to Grow Your Blog. Hopefully it helps you get even more readers!


And if you want to really grow your website traffic, we can help make that happen. Have you got 10 minutes for a quick chat sometime next week?


Why It Works: While this approach might not lead to an immediate phone call, it does put your brand in a positive light in their mind, and if your content is good enough, you’ll cement yourself in their mind as an authority on the subject.


Which means they’ll be more likely to think of you when looking for that service.



Bonus Tip: Hitting Cold Inboxes

Cold email is hard for all kinds of reasons. One of them is that it can be tough to figure out what to say (hopefully these templates helped with that). Another issue is how difficult it is for cold email campaigns to actually get into inboxes.


It’s far too easy for your email to end up in the spam folder. Which almost guarantees it won’t get read.


If you want to be confident that your campaigns will get to inboxes instead, check out Clickback MAIL. It’s email software designed for cold campaigns, with all kinds of neat tricks up its sleeve to get your emails where they need to go. For example, it goes through your email contact list and automatically cleans out bad data, invalid addresses, and spam traps!


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