Cold Follow-Up Email Best Practices and Tips

Cold Follow-Up Email Best Practices and Tips

It’s no surprise that sending cold email campaigns can be a great way to generate new sales leads for your business. Once you’ve got a proven way to reach the inbox of your cold contacts, the next step is getting them to respond.


You’ll find lots of practical advice for creating the perfect follow-up email online, but the truth is, your approach will depend on your audience. It’s up to you to decide the right time to follow up with your original message, and what it should say.


The follow-up email best practices listed below will help you get a better understanding of what top B2B marketing and sales teams are doing to earn a response from their cold campaigns.


Cold Follow-Up Email Best Practices


There are some impressive statistics that prove that follow up emails work, and sometimes it’s long after the first email. Some business professionals send as many as 10 follow-up emails before getting the first reply. The number of follow-up emails you feel comfortable with sending is up to you.


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For example, If you reach out to someone completely cold and have no interaction after 5-6 emails, it’s safe to say that they are not interested. However, if you have had some level of interaction that was not a definite “No”, you may benefit from a more persistent approach.


In the world of sales, persistence pays off. It’s finding the right balance between offering just the right amount of extra information – and being downright annoying that’s tricky. The key to a powerful follow-up email is tailoring the content to the needs of the recipient, but you can’t do that effectively without first segmenting your email list.


Segment Your List for Best Results


If you’ve imported a cold or purchased list to Clickback MAIL, the first thing you’ll want to do is segment it based on audience type. It’s not possible to write a message that speaks directly to all types of business owners at once, so take the time to segment your list.


Segmenting your list helps you speak more intelligently to your potential customers and provide them with the most value. Sort your cold contacts into categories such as business profession, industry and geographic location. The further you filter down the data, the more targeted your approach can be.


By dividing your email list into groups with similar interests and buying behaviors, you can avoid sending cold follow-up emails that lead to unsubscribes or complaints. Studies show that one of the most common reasons for unsubscribing from a list was irrelevant content.


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Import a Cold, Segmented List into Clickback MAIL using the List Manager Tool


A Targeted Approach to Cold Follow-Up Emails


For segmented campaigns in Clickback MAIL, it’s best to do this before importing the list into the software. This way, you’ll have the core categories like industry and location separated before running them through the list cleaning process.


Once you’ve sent a targeted cold campaign to your segmented list, our software easily lets you generate a report on recipients that opened your initial message but did not respond. This presents the perfect opportunity for a cold follow-up email that addresses any concerns that weren’t answered in the first point of contact.


You’ll know that the subject line in your campaign piqued their interest. Now it’s a matter of honing in on what captured their attention the first time with a follow-up email. Your email can include more useful information about your business to help educate potential customers about your unique solutions.


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Segment your lists to send targeted cold follow-up emails based on user-activity


Don’t “Batch and Blast”


Before a cold contact can become a lead, they need to take that first action to let you know they’re interested. Much like a lead nurture or drip campaign you would automate using marketing automation software, a cold contact often needs multiple touch points before they engage.


Forget about sending broad messages to your entire email list at once that try to sell the recipients on a specific CTA (Call-to-action). Instead, focus on sending separate follow-up emails that speak directly to each particular segment of your list.


For example, you could create a segmented list of email contacts that all fall within the business services industry category. Then, you could filter that list down to the recipients that opened your last email campaign. Now, the messaging to this targeted group can follow-up with ideas shared in the last email. Just because they didn’t respond to the first email, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow up.


A Cold Email Platform Built for Lead Generation


Unlike traditional email service providers and marketing automation software, Clickback MAIL allows you to import a purchased list of contacts into the database. From there, you can send meaningful outbound email marketing campaigns to generate B2B leads for your business.


Our email lead generation software works alongside your existing marketing tools to complete the lead generation puzzle. With advanced list hygiene features and robust campaign builder tools, it is truly the ultimate cold email lead generation tool.


Turn a cold list of contacts into warm opted-in leads with Clickback MAIL. Get a one-on-one demo of the software in action today!


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