How to Make Sure a Cold Email to a Potential Client Actually Reaches Them (and Converts)

How to Make Sure a Cold Email to a Potential Client Actually Reaches Them (and Converts)

The article ‘How to Make Sure a Cold Email to a Potential Client Actually Reaches Them (and Converts)’ was originally published in 2019. It has been reworked and modernized for 2020.


Despite how tough it can be, sending a cold email to a potential client is an extremely effective strategy for bringing in new, warm leads.


The real challenge is making sure you have an overall strategy in place that takes everything into account, not just whether you have good email content.


There’s a lot more to it than that – you need to make sure your emails get into their inbox, your content is convincing, and your landing page rocks. Here’s how to do that.


How to Make Sure a Cold Email to a Potential Client Actually Reaches Them (and Converts)


The first step is making sure you have a clear goal for your email. What’s the desired result? Do you want the recipient to book a call with you? Or sign up for a trial of your software?


Whatever your goal is, it’s important to stay focused on it when you’re creating the email and landing page.


There are two major areas to look at here: your content, which is your email and landing page, and your deliverability, which is the process of actually getting your email into their inbox.


Content Strategy

What do you know about your potential client?


If your answer is “their email address”, you need to gather a little more information. Ideally, you’ll have at least their first name, company, and industry.


Your content should be aimed specifically at achieving your goal. That means every sentence should serve some purpose towards that goal.


That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be friendly or conversational, just that there should be a point to it. Everything should somehow help convince the recipient to do what you want them to do.


If you’re having trouble formulating an email, jumpstart your writing with one of these templates. Want more help writing great email copy? Here’s a deep dive into cold email copywriting.


A crucial point is to make it easy for them to take the desired action. If you’re aiming to get them on the phone, for example, provide a link to your calendar where they can book time for a call.



Landing Pages

Sometimes you don’t need the recipient to do anything beyond click a link to your calendar to set up a call.


Sometimes, though, you’ll need a landing page (if you’re asking them to start a free trial, for example). It’s very important that your landing page content matches up with your email content.


This falls in line with “make it easy for them to take that action”. If you need them to fill out a form, make sure that the form is right there above the fold when they click your link.


You should also ensure your landing page’s content reinforces your message. If your email convinced them to open the link, the page should convince them to fill out the form.


Expand slightly on the content of your email message and highlight any other benefits that you couldn’t fit into your email content.




Sending emails is as simple as writing your content, putting in your contact list, and hitting the button, right?


Well, no. Not when it comes to cold email, at least.


It’s a lot harder to get your emails into inboxes when they’re cold, particularly if you’re sending to a large list of contacts.


For one thing, your list probably contains bad data like invalid addresses and spam traps. Besides that, there are a whole wide range of other potential issues that can cause spam filters to send your emails to the junk folder.


Not to mention most email clients don’t allow large contact lists in the first place.


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In other words, it takes care of all the technical hurdles – like bad data, spam traps, sender reputation and all the rest – so you can focus on sending excellent cold emails to your potential clients.


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