How to Use HubSpot and Cold Email Without Breaking ToS

How to Use HubSpot and Cold Email Without Breaking ToS

If you’re a HubSpot user and you’re looking to start sending cold email marketing, it’s natural to want to use their awesome email platform. The problem is HubSpot and cold email don’t mix.


The key to cold email success is using a high-quality purchased list, and HubSpot’s acceptable use policy prohibits purchased lists (it’s paragraph 2c there).


Don’t worry – we’ll show you how you can send awesome cold email campaigns and still use HubSpot without breaking their terms.


How to Use HubSpot and Cold Email Without Breaking ToS


Their rules are pretty clear-cut when it comes to purchased lists: it’s a hard no. There’s no wiggle room there, and that’s okay – even if they did allow purchased contacts, using HubSpot for that would be a really bad idea.


Here’s why: it would rapidly torpedo your sender reputation.


Sender reputation (also called sender score) is something that impacts you as a marketer every day, and many marketers have never heard of it.


Internet service providers (ISPs) assign you a score from 1-100, and use that to gauge how trustworthy and legitimate your email sends are. When you send an email, if your sender reputation is nice and high, spam filters are more likely to let your campaign through smoothly.


On the other hand, if your sender score drops too low, your emails will start landing in spam folders, and your campaigns will stop getting results.


The problem is that it’s very easy to damage your sender score, and difficult to build it back up.



Keeping Your Sender Score Safe

There are a lot of ways you can damage your sender score. We won’t cover them all here, just a few of the big ones, but you can find a deeper dive into the topic here.

When we say, “your sender reputation” we actually mean “your IP/domain’s sender reputation”, since that’s what it’s tied to.


The vast majority of ways you can protect your sender reputation can be summed up in a nutshell: if it looks like spam, it’ll be treated like spam.


Your best bet is to create genuinely well-written, well-thought-out campaigns. You’ll be one step ahead already.


Think about what the people most likely to benefit from your products or services would like to see. The goal is to serve your contacts content that it’s reasonable to assume they’d search for on their own.


The quality of your email list also plays a part in your sender reputation. If your sender identity is known to send to a large number of spam traps, old email addresses, or honeypots, your sender reputation will drop, and it’ll be harder to make it past spam traps.


Ensuring that you’re sending to high quality contacts will help keep your sender reputation intact. It’s more than making sure your data provider is reputable; you need to make sure that they’re supplying you with a list that fits your content and will help you reach your campaign goals.


Even still, there’s no such thing as an infallible list. After a while they all start to decay and fill up with harmful data that will hurt your sender reputation, so it’s imperative that you run your list through an email verifier before you send your email campaign every time.


Remember how we said if it looks like spam it’ll get treated like spam? We meant it. If you’re sending campaigns with all caps and too many exclamation marks in the subject line, or a body that’s exclusively images, you’re going to damage your sender reputation, and it’ll be very difficult to make it past spam traps.


Review best practices when it comes to designing email campaigns, so you don’t end up designing something that’s going to trigger spam traps. For the absolute best results, use an email service provider that offers a spam checker that will keep your email design in check before you hit ‘send’ on your campaigns.


Cold Email and HubSpot


So, we know that you can’t upload a purchased list of contacts to HubSpot without breaking their terms of service. We also know that sending to a purchased list with HubSpot would drastically impact your sender reputation.


So, what can you do with a purchased list?


Sending email to a purchased list of contacts is an extremely powerful way to generate new leads for your business.


The beauty of an outbound email lead generation campaign is the speed with which you’re able to reach such a large number of people.


While you can’t directly email a purchased list with HubSpot’s email builder, you can send to a purchased list with a specially designed bulk email sender, and warm your contacts up until they become opted-in subscribers.


Sending a highly-targeted list of industry contacts a personalized email that covers an issue they’ve been having at work, or delivers – right to their inbox – a solution or workaround that would make their every-day lives easier is a great way to get someone to subscribe to hear more from you in the future.


Once your contacts have opted in, you can bring your new subscribers over to HubSpot where you can nurture them with similar content until they’re ready to make a purchasing decision.


This way, you’re constantly bringing in a new flow of leads by emailing your purchased list, while your email efforts through HubSpot are nurturing your leads until they’re ready to become customers. One hand washes the other.


To successfully send email to a purchased list, it’s important to use the right tool for the job. It’s not just HubSpot that doesn’t allow emailing to a list of non-opted-in subscribers.


Clickback is a specially designed bulk email sender that was built to send email to a purchased list of contacts with 100% compliance. It sends using its own IPs and domains, and has a powerful, built-in email verifier, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your sender reputation. Plus, it features a live spam checker to make sure that your email doesn’t look like spam, so it oughtn’t get treated like it.

Sign up for a free 1-on-1 demo today, and see how you can start building a larger list for your HubSpot email campaigns!


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