Clickback WEB Just Got Better

Clickback WEB Just Got Better

As of Wednesday, May 15, Clickback WEB’s latest major update has been pushed live. Based on client feedback, we’ve streamlined several processes, bringing a range of improvements to the software.

In particular, we’ve made it much easier to find the perfect leads. Instead of having to define a set of “lead criteria” that applies to all potential leads, you can now dynamically search for contacts that match the criteria you set as your ideal target audience. Here’s how:

  • On the Companies tab, select the companies you want to purchase leads at.
  • Select “Options”, then “View Contacts”. You’ll be directed to an updated Contacts page with a new search tool.
  • Pick the criteria for the leads you want, such as their job title or seniority.
  • Select the leads you want to purchase and click “Options”.
  • Select which post-purchase action you want to take with your new leads.



Dashboard: The “Potential Leads” metric has been removed, and has been replaced by “Unique Visitors” in the dashboard banner, a metric that more accurately reflects the companies we’ve identified as visiting your website.


Leads Tab: The “Leads” tab now only displays the leads you have already purchased. Leads are now purchased through the “Companies” tab as outlined below.

Note: You can still manage your purchased leads from this tab by selecting them and clicking “Options”. From the popup, you can send them to a Lead Distribution or Integration, assign them to a Lead Owner or Export them, the same as in previous versions of Clickback WEB.


Companies Tab: When you select companies and choose “View Contacts” under “Options”, you will be taken to the updated Contacts page, where you can now search the contacts available for purchase at your selected companies.

From here, you can select your desired contacts and can purchase them through the Options menu, the same way as in previous versions of Clickback WEB.


We have also added a new Save to Leads Tab option to the Purchase window. When you select this option, your new leads will be saved in the Leads tab without any further action.


Lead Criteria Setting: You no longer need to define a lead criteria setting. This has been replaced by the new Contacts page outlined above.



You can check out our support documentation if you have questions, or contact us if you can’t find what you need.


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