Is Buying Targeted Email Lists the Right Marketing Strategy for You?

Is Buying Targeted Email Lists the Right Marketing Strategy for You?

Buying targeted email lists can quickly improve your lead generation, but only if you know what to do with them. There’s a lot of conflicting and contradictory information around the topic, though, and as a result many marketers consider purchasing contacts to be bit of a gamble.


In truth, it’s an effective strategy.

Purchased contacts are a safe bet, but you need to know how to send to them. Done right, you have the potential to grow your email list significantly, virtually overnight.


It’s crucial, however, that you get your lists from a reputable data provider that aggregates data instead of scraping it.


Here are a few quick questions to help you determine whether email lead generation using purchased contacts is the right strategy for you.


Is your email list too small to generate meaningful leads?

When your email marketing is only hitting a small number of contacts, you’re not getting nearly as much from your campaigns as you could be. At every stage of the funnel, you’ll lose some people, which is natural.


If you don’t have enough leads coming into your funnel in the first place, you’ll have very few actually reaching a stage where you can pass them on to sales. And even fewer of those will end up making a purchase.


Purchased, targeted contacts are an excellent way to immediately expand your audience, and bring many more leads into your funnel.


Is your inbound marketing too slow?

Inbound is great. It results in warm, well-nurtured, high-quality leads. It’s also extremely slow and time-intensive. You need to spend time constantly generating more content to make inbound work, and for the most part, leads come in at a trickle.


Augmenting inbound with outbound is a hard-hitting tactic that savvy marketers can take advantage of to get an edge. Many marketers think they’re mutually exclusive, but that’s not the case at all, and when you use outbound email campaigns to enhance and support your inbound efforts, you can see great results.


For example, you can use an outbound campaign to drive traffic to your blogs, case studies or whitepapers, pouring more leads into the top of your funnel, where your established nurturing processes can warm them up and drive them closer to a purchase.


Do you have the right software?

Chances are, you’re not sure what I mean. Of course you have email software.


If you’re using a traditional email tool and/or marketing automation platform, you aren’t (yet) properly equipped to handle purchased contacts. Most typical email providers don’t allow large lists (or purchased contacts), for a range of reasons. The important thing for your to know is that they can’t reliably deliver large volumes of email into inboxes.


You’ll need email lead generation software for that. It’s specifically designed to handle large lists and purchased contacts, and can reliably get the results you need.


clickback MAIL demo


Here’s how it works:

You purchase a professionally vetted email list from a reputable provider. Next, you upload that list of targeted contacts into Clickback MAIL.

Here’s where the difference is: this software does something typical ESPs and marketing automation software cannot – it cleans your list for you. Duplicate records and bad data are eliminated, as are potential spam traps, ensuring that your campaigns will be clean, deliverable and CAN-SPAM compliant the moment you hit send.

That’s just scratching the surface of what it can do. It’s a fantastic lead driver, with the potential to dramatically lift your lead numbers while keeping costs down.


Sound like it fits the bill?

We’re happy to tell you more about how email lead generation can help you. And if you’re at loose ends about where to find those reputable data providers we mentioned, we can help with that, too.


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