Why Bulk Email Verification and List Cleaning Matters

Why Bulk Email Verification and List Cleaning Matters

Today’s B2B marketers are faced with many challenges surrounding their digital reputation. This includes maintaining a healthy sender reputation in the eyes of internet service providers (ISP’s) to keep email deliverability rates high. Spam traps, complaints, high bounce rates, and a whole host other other nasty surprises threaten your ability to reach targeted B2B prospects.


Email marketing is still considered to be one of the most cost-effective and quickest ways of reaching a targeted audience, but the quality of your mailing list is more important than its size. To keep your sender reputation, deliverability rate, open rate and conversion rates at a healthy and sustainable level, do yourself a favor and use a bulk email verification service before sending that large campaign.


What Does Bulk Email Verification Mean?


Companies use a bulk email list verification service when they need to send mass emails to an unsolicited group of contacts. This usually involves sending a single mail message to a large number of addresses at the same time for the purposes of marketing and/or sales. The main goal of the verification process is to remove emails that will bounce back on a given email marketing campaign.


A bulk email verification service will analyze each of the email addresses on the list by running it through a number of validation techniques. The process of “list cleaning” confirms the legitimacy of the contact records by omitting email addresses the service deems to be invalid. The standard rate of verification accuracy among the many services available is 97% or above.


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All list verification services aim to produce a healthy, active list of real email addresses, but no two proprietary algorithms are the same. If the validation process has been successful, all bad email addresses should be filtered out. With spam traps and invalid addresses removed, the performance of your email marketing campaign can benefit from improved deliverability. You won’t waste time sending messages to dead-air, and more importantly, help avoid damaging your sending reputation.


Clickback MAIL includes a bulk email verification process that runs your purchased list through a variety of health checks to improve deliverability. Your sender score is untouched because our software delivers your unsolicited email campaigns from our own dedicated IP’s.


How a Bulk Email Verification Service Works:



The following checks are applied to your bulk list of emails after you upload the list. The goal is to remove the email addresses that could potentially waste your time (and budget), and negatively affect the overall deliverability of your campaign. Without first uploading a purchased list of contacts to be verified, chances are your campaign will not see its full potential.


The simplest of bulk email checkers will go through the basic list validation and legitimacy checks listed below. Clickback MAIL goes through many more hygiene checks than the ones listed below and also lets you SEND campaigns to the list using the same software. Here is a brief explanation of the standard checks a bulk email verification service performs:


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  • Remove Duplicate Emails
  • DNS Record Verification (Invalid Domains)
  • Email Address Syntax (Improper Format)
  • Detect Role-Based Accounts (info@example.com)
  • Detect “Junk Collector” Emails (disposable addresses)
  • Spam / Honeypot Detection (bots, bad emails, spam seeds)
  • SMTP Verification (Ping Mailboxes)


The file you upload will either be .CSV file, or a large list of email addresses separated by commas, depending on the tool you use. Running this list through an email verifier creates a valid email address list that you can use to send marketing material to industry-related contacts.


As you can imagine, the accuracy of a bulk email verifier is the single most important aspect of the tool. It would be wise to confirm that the email validation service you use is applying the hygiene checks in real-time, based off of current data records. You’ll also want to choose a tool that can handle a large list of cold contacts. Many of the cheap or free email verification services limit your list to a small amount (under 5000 emails!).


Clickback MAIL can clean and deliver your campaigns to 150,000 contacts or more.


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Benefits of Email List Verification for B2B Marketing


Now that you have a better understanding of how the email verification process works, you can better appreciate the benefits a valid email list provides for B2B email marketing. The following items are just a few of the powerful reasons why a clean list can provide a healthy ROI:


Improved Deliverability


When it comes to B2B email marketing, deliverability is one of the most important aspects of a successful campaign. If the messages are not reaching the inbox of your prospects, it doesn’t matter how clean your list is. A cold email campaign to a purchased list presents many new challenges in terms of deliverability, but a clean list can avoid the majority of them.


Increase Conversion Rates


When you send your campaigns to real, active emails, your team can develop stronger marketing strategies. The metrics of your campaign will be much more accurate, so you can focus on creating and testing better content – not worrying about whether or not your messages are hitting spam traps. Speak the language of your target audience to nurture more prospects to close.


A Better ROI


A purchased list of cold contacts is an asset to your business, but only if it realizes its true potential. All lists decay over time, so get rid of the invalid emails on the list and focus on the contact records that generate targeted, warm leads for your business.


Maintain a Healthy Sender Reputation


Hitting spam traps, honeypots and bad addresses damage your sender score. Your deliverability plummets, and suddenly the real contacts on your list stop receiving your message. Instead, verify your bulk email list to ensure that you don’t waste your time and energy delivering messages to a robot.


With the right approach, outbound email marketing can be a powerful strategy to generate targeted B2B leads for your business. If you are thinking about purchasing an email list, or currently own a large list of cold contacts, maximize its ROI by running it through the necessary hygiene checks before sending a campaign.


Verify your List and Send Cold Campaigns from a Single Platform


By now, you should have a good understanding of why B2B marketers rely on bulk email verification and validation tools to maximize the ROI of their cold list. They remove spam traps, bad emails, and other hidden factors that negatively affect the deliverability of your campaigns.


Clickback MAIL offers you a complete all-in-one email sending platform that will clean and verify your cold list, and let you build and optimize effective outbound campaigns.


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