The Trick to Building a Great Cold Marketing Email List

The Trick to Building a Great Cold Marketing Email List

There are three pillars of cold email marketing – your list, your content, and your platform. To really succeed, you need all three to be top-notch.


You need great content to communicate your message and convince people to take action. You need a great email platform to make sure your content reaches the recipients, and doesn’t get bogged down in spam folders.


Neither of those things will do much good if your list is poor. Here’s exactly how to build a list full of high-value, well-targeted contacts.


The Trick to Building a Great Cold Marketing Email List


Your message needs to resonate with the people reading it; getting your audience targeting right is the biggest factor in email marketing success.


For cold email campaigns, it’s even more important. If you send a cold campaign to a badly targeted (or totally random) list of people, they’ll end up reported as spam, and that will very quickly put paid to your email marketing efforts.


For that reason (and others), it’s important never to use an email scraper. Scrapers are tools that collect email addresses from wherever they can around the internet.


You’ll have no information about the people behind those emails, and no reason to think they’re legitimately interested in your offer. This puts you firmly in the “spam” category.


Instead, the first step is to make sure you know exactly who the best audience is.



Identify Your Audience

Before you can begin to assemble your list, you need to know who to put on it. Who exactly is most likely to benefit from your offer? Who’s going to get enough out of it to make a purchase?


Your goal here is detail. You want to create a profile – called a buyer persona – that represents your ideal audience.


This includes things like industry, job title, and age demographic, but also details on their professional pain points, and how your product addresses those pain points.


Once you have that fleshed out, you’ll be able to pull information from your persona to dial in your targeting and craft messages that will resonate.


Where to Get an Email List

Once you’ve got a crystal clear image of your ideal audience, you’re ready to start gathering contacts.


One of the biggest strengths of cold email is the sheer volume of contacts you can reach. To get the most out of it, it’s worth purchasing an email list – but there are things to keep in mind when doing so.


Make sure you’re using a reputable data provider (here’s a handy article on that topic). If your contact list isn’t from a reputable, well-established source, it will be full of bad data, spam traps, honeypots etc. Further, you won’t be able to get the type of specific targeting you need for success.


When purchasing a list, consult your buyer persona and try to match up its attributes with the list you’re acquiring. For example, if your buyer persona is a sales manager at a B2B company, make sure you’re buying a list of sales managers at B2B companies.


Getting High-Quality Contacts

Purchasing a list is a great way to very quickly scale up your email marketing impact, but what about making sure your contacts are both the right audience and interested in your product?


Well, visiting your website and checking out your product is a pretty good indicator of interest, isn’t it? Unfortunately, on average only around 2% of website visitors ever convert on a form. That’s a lot of potentially great contacts you’re almost getting.


Imagine if you could reach into that website traffic that isn’t converting and pluck out the best of those leads and add them to your funnel anyway.


That’s what Clickback WEB does. It identifies companies that visit your site, even if they don’t convert, and gives you detailed information about them such as industry and revenue, as well as contact information for key leads there.


It has built-in lead scoring, so you can easily pick out the best potential leads, and lets you filter through potential leads by attributes such as job title and industry. Ideal for picking out contacts to add to your list!


It’s a great way to drastically increase your website leads and continuously grow your email contact database.


Plus, if you use Clickback MAIL as well – and if you’re sending cold campaigns, there’s no better platform to use – you can send leads directly from Clickback WEB into your MAIL contacts.


Try it out for yourself with a free 14-day trial, including a 1-on-1 walkthrough of the software with one of our experts.



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