What the Best Lead Generation Emails Do (That You Might Not Yet)

What the Best Lead Generation Emails Do (That You Might Not Yet)

It all comes down to leads. As marketers, our job is to keep our funnel as full as possible, and email is an amazingly powerful way to make that happen. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, though.


Generating leads with email is effective, but it’s also a cutthroat environment. It’s not uncommon for professionals to receive large volumes of email, and sifting through them can be hugely time-consuming. Which means that only the most attention-grabbing, eye-popping, awesome emails get attention.


Here’s a checklist of what you should be doing if you want your campaigns to stand out against the rest.


What the Best Lead Generation Emails Do (That You Might Not Yet)


Nail the Targeting

Know your audience. Yes, everyone says it, but that’s because it’s true. As a marketer, the biggest and best tool you have is knowing your audience in detail.


In particular, you should know their pain points and how that relates to your solution. Specifically, how does your product solve those issues? What other benefits would they get that are especially relevant and impactful for their job?


Once you’ve listed those out, you have a list of all the things you should be addressing in your lead generation emails.


Use Good Quality Lists

Lead generation via email only works if the contacts you’re sending to belong to real, actual professionals in your target audience.


That means sourcing your contact list from a reputable provider that doesn’t scrape data and aggregates it instead. If you’re using a list that’s full of nonexistent addresses, spam traps, honeypots, and other bad contacts, you’re not going to be very successful!


If you aren’t sure where to find a reputable provider, reach out to us! We partner with a number of them and can refer you.


Clean Your List First

Just because you bought a list from a reputable provider doesn’t mean you’re ready to rock just yet. Every email list decays over time, whether it’s opted-in newsletter subscribers or an ice-cold list of hundreds of thousands of contacts.


It’s natural. People leave jobs all the time, for example. Other times, old email addresses are repurposed as spam traps.


That’s why it’s vital that you run your list through an email verification service before you send.



Killer Subject Lines

We talk about this a lot on this blog, but it bears repeating. Don’t just toss a subject line together as an afterthought. Sure, it’s only a few characters – the main body must be much more important, right? Wrong! Sort of, anyway.


Your subject line isn’t really meant to contribute to whether people click on your CTA. That’s not what it’s there for. Its whole purpose is to get people to open your email.


Without a good subject line, that super-convincing body copy isn’t getting seen. And that means that even if it’s the most compelling email in history, it won’t get you results.


Your subject line should clearly convey what benefit your contact will learn about in the email.


For added oomph, try personalization in your subject line. The contact’s first name or company name are both great examples of tokens that work wonderfully in subject lines.


Don’t use weak or generic subject lines. Your subject line won’t be seen in isolation – it’s one of a list of many, and needs to stand out. “Improve Your Sales Team’s Close Rate” might clearly state what the benefit of your solution is, but it doesn’t jump off the page. “Unchain Your Sales Team’s Potential”, on the other hand, is a little more obscure but much more attention-grabbing.


Don’t Fire and Forget

If your process is to create a campaign, load up your list, hit send and hope you get some leads, you’re doing yourself and your funnel a disservice.


Keep an eye on your campaigns and what you can learn from them for next time. A little bit of planning and you can start performing split testing. Try splitting your list in half and send your campaign to the first half, then change one thing (like your subject line) and send it to the other half.


That way, you can see which subject line (or whatever piece you tweaked) did better. Then you’ve learned something, and can incorporate that into your next campaign, where you test something else. This way, you can constantly improve your campaigns in a more concrete, data-driven way.


Clickback’s Website Visitor Intelligence™ technology is built right into our email lead generation platform and gives you even more data than that. It’s a bit of code that you add to your website, and when a contact clicks on a link or CTA in your campaign, WVI tracks their activity on your site.


This lets you see where they navigate to and spend time. If they end up looking at a different product page than the one you were marketing in your campaign, you know they’re potentially interested in that product instead (or as well).


Clickback is the ultimate platform for email lead generation, and gives you all the tools you need to make your email campaigns a roaring success. See for yourself with a 1:1 live demo!


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