B2B Social Media Marketing: Tips for Success in 2020

B2B Social Media Marketing: Tips for Success in 2020

Social media marketing can be a tough nut to crack for B2B businesses. It’s much easier to envision B2C companies crushing it on social media, because those platforms put them in direct contact with the right target market.


For B2B companies, it’s harder to conceptualize. Rather than interacting with the general user-base of social media platforms, B2B companies have to reach the right audience among all those users.


Social media is an incredibly powerful channel for B2B as well – when done properly. The main difference is that the strategies that work for B2B and B2C are very different.


B2B Social Media Marketing: Tips for Success in 2020


We’ve put together a list of tips you can use to generate interest and bring in more leads as a B2B company.


1 – Develop an Interesting Voice

If you’re putting your brand out there on social media, you want to give the right impression. Many B2Bs make the mistake of writing social media content the same way they would write a formal letter to another business.


The companies that really excel at social media have adopted very fun and informal personalities. For example, the fast food chain Wendy’s is infamous for its irreverent sense of humor on Twitter.



That’s not to say that you should go that far, but it illustrates how businesses can generate immense presence and awareness on social media.


It’s important for your audience to feel like there are real humans behind the company logo. B2B writing doesn’t have to be formal, stiff or boring. In fact, such an outdated style will very likely get your content ignored.


Loosen up the formality of your copy, be interesting and engaging instead of boring, and you’ll reap the benefits.


2 – Don’t Neglect Unusual Platforms

When you hear “social media marketing”, many marketers think of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And that’s fair – they all represent fantastic opportunities.


There are a few other platforms that could be immensely valuable to you, depending on your industry and ideal audience.


Instagram can be an amazingly profitable platform for B2B advertising. With appropriate targeting, you can get your ads in front of a large volume of potential leads. The platform’s visual-centric format means you have room to experiment with creative graphics and narrow down exactly what works best.


Getting the audience targeting spot-on is the big success factor here. If you can dial in the right audience – exactly the kind of people who would benefit from your offering – the leads will follow.


You might also want to try Pinterest. Although it’s a platform that is much more often associated with B2C than B2B, it’s worth another look.


If anything, Pinterest is even more visual than Instagram. Take advantage of this by repurposing existing content such as infographics, and drive traffic to your blogs or gated content landing pages. Keep posting interesting, informative content to keep the traffic flowing.



3 – Don’t Just Post, Listen

In all the excitement of creating and posting to these social channels, it can be easy to forget to stop and listen, too. Social listening is just as powerful as posting, in a different way.


Keep tabs on what your target audience is up to. What are they interested in? Can you create content around those topics to drive engagement? Social listening is a great way to come up with new ideas for content that will resonate with your audience.


This is also useful for keeping an eye on your brand reputation. How are people talking about your brand?


4 – Hire an Expert

It’s easy to get this one wrong. The person you want at the head of your social media efforts should be an expert in both social media marketing and your particular niche, right?


Here’s the problem: many B2Bs make the mistake of prioritizing expertise in their niche over general social media expertise.


Commonly, that’s the opposite of what you need. It’s much easier for someone who is already an expert at social media marketing to adapt to and learn the particulars of your niche than it is for someone to quickly become an expert in the vast, ever-changing landscape of social media.


5 – Leverage Content Marketing Too

Content and social media go hand-in-hand. Social media is ideal for driving traffic to your awesome content, and you can usually adapt a great piece of content into a bite-size social media post.


Particularly if you create great infographics or videos – it’s very easy to use that sort of content across the board. Videos can be chopped up into smaller clips to use in posts, and infographics make excellent drivers for traffic.


Use your social media pages to build presence and funnel traffic to your blog to supplement your ads.


6 – Actively Interact

Don’t neglect the “social” part of social media. Remember what we said about developing an interesting, friendly voice?


Use that voice to respond to people when they comment on your posts and ads. Ideally, you’ll end up having great conversations with potential customers and making a fantastic impression.


Inevitably, though, you’ll run into negative comments. The important thing is to maintain that same friendly voice when interacting with people who are reacting negatively to your content.


Building up a brand image is a long-term task that requires plenty of investment, and it’s all too easy to demolish that hard work with one too-heated response.


When people engage with you, engage right back and open up a dialogue. Reinforce the sense that there’s a real human talking to them from behind the company name!



7 – Capitalize on Increased Traffic

Done right, social media marketing will drive more traffic to your site and result in increased engagement and awareness of your brand.


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